Monday, January 26, 2009

We Did It!

We've been talking about it. A lot. Thinking over different scenarios. Making phone calls. The decision was made.......
We canceled the cable & the home phone!

I called the cable company today. We have a combined bill with internet, cable & phone. We now just have the internet. I just can't do without that. How would I blog? How would we watch
I told the chiropractor who is also a good friend about it today. He only has internet too. I guess his three kids are bugging him for some "real" TV so he is looking into buying an antenna for about $100 to get the local stations. We will be saving $80 a month by canceling the cable & internet so this might be an option for us too. We'll have to see how it goes. I know I can do without TV, I'm just not sure Steve can :-).
I'm going to find out more about the antenna & I'll let you know. Supposedly, each local station (ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.) have about 3-4 stations. Plus public television comes in with the antenna. So excited to be free of the cable!


fullfreezer said...

Ooo! I'm not that brave! I could live without cable but I would have to live with my children- they would have issues with that. I could do without the land line phone as well, but not my internet.

Chris W said...

Wooohooo! Good job!!!

We're keeping ours till the end of the week and that will be it. We'll be billed for a full month anyway, so we figured we'll keep it till then. I'm strangly excited about taking that cable box and modem to the office and saying "here-keep it".