Friday, January 16, 2009

Okay...I'll get busy!

Just hanging out today at home. It's still very cold here. Five below temp with windchill factor at 14 below. Good day to be at home. Steve is in Utah where it is warmer than here. It's close to 40 degrees in Salt Lake City. He said people are walking around with short sleeved shirts on. He is skiing Alta today & it is 38 degrees. Blue sky. Spring skiing.
Slept in today which should give me plenty of energy to get some things done I've wanted to do. Sewing has been put off for a while. My daughter gave me some jeans she doesn't wear anymore a while ago, so I will attempt to make the bell bottoms smaller so they match the kind I wear. Hopefully that will work out cause the jeans are like new.
I also need to start planning the garden for this spring. It will be time to start seeds before long. I have already ordered most of what I need but I need to decide where to plant what. I am rotating everything so not to deplete the nutrients in the soil. Corn, especially takes a lot out of the soil. That's why most farmers used to rotate crops (soybeans one year, corn the next). Now with corn prices (can you say ethanol) are so much higher, a lot of farmers are planting corn every year & using more synthetic chemicals (and genetically modified seed) on their soil. It's a shame that our food supply is so altered. GM crops have not gone through the testing needed to find out if they are harmful to humans & animals. I consider us (humans) a huge experiment. All the corn syrup added to processed food is more than likely genetically modified (unless you buy organic). Everything has a form of corn syrup in it. It is cheap to produce. Big agribusiness has lots of money & power. Do you actually think that they have our best interests at heart? Doubt it. We all know how greed can control things. Just look at the economy. Greed got us to where we are now. Okay. Enough of that.Figuring how to knit again is also on my list for this weekend. I bought some yarn yesterday & will watch some You Tube videos to refresh my memory. It's one of those things that disappeared after the accident. My friend Pat taught me how on a ski trip a couple years ago. I love the stuff she makes & picture myself doing all sorts of cute things for future grandchildren. I have a lot of trouble now following directions so hopefully watching a video will help.
Enough typing... need to get busy!


PatQ said...

I'm so excited you're going to start knitting again! If you need help let me know.

Barb and Steve said...

Thanks Pat! I started trying a little while ago. After getting a little frustrated, I calmed down & started over. I think I have the knit down now. Now I want to re-learn casting off & then purl.