Sunday, October 21, 2012

Winding Down Here at the Farm

Summer flew by! Hard to believe it is almost Halloween. Today we covered the garlic that was planted three weeks ago with straw. I still need to pull up the tomato, pepper & squash plants and put them in the brush pile to burn. We also are going to put horse manure on the garden before snow fall. Then I think we are done outside. As much as I love being outdoors, I am ready for a break. It's hard work taking care of two large gardens, 4000 garlic plants, canning, dehydrating & freezing the garden harvest. And doing the shop book work and running a garlic business, etc., etc., etc...
It is getting to be the time to think about making Christmas presents, sewing projects for the house and working on the new project, the attic guest area. We will have a full bath (the fixtures have been bought & plumbing is started) & the rest will be open. It will serve as a craft area, too. I have been painting the floor with a white stain blocking paint, which really brightens it up & sorting through all the "stuff" we have stored up there. Goodwill will be happy when we are through.
There will be a knee wall on the sides & the ceiling will be wood.

Steve has been busy finishing up trim around the windows & doors and putting up crown in the main floor living area. It is really coming together. Our next big project is putting in the pine floor. We bought it from a man who disassembles old barns and it will look awesome when it is in.
Grover the cat is almost as big as Tigger now. The are so cute together. They sleep together with Vinnie on the couch. Of course, there is no room for me then :-). We did lose a chicken this summer. The suspect is the Amish neighbor's dog. They failed to tell us that he was killing their chickens even though they could see ours were out every day and the dog was allowed to run lose. They have since put the dog down for killing their chickens. That is the third dog they have had in the five years that we have owned the farm. Very sad.
The grandkids are growing so fast. Hayley turned one in September!
Such a cute pic of Hayley by KB Photography.
Jaelyn rooting for the Bears.

 That's all for now. Will try to post more now that things are slowing down. Have a great week.