Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vinnie hurt his back leg again yesterday. Poor old guy. He has a hard time getting up. Hope he heals quickly.

Tigger is growing up so fast. He really likes to go outside & play...

Wood is stacked & ready for winter.

High winds ripped the storm door from it's hinges a couple weeks ago.

This is what happens to foil insulation for the radiant floor heat when Tigger decides he wants to crawl in the basement ceiling.

Milk weed pod at sunset.

Sunset on a day that it hailed twice.

Finished trimming around the garage doors.

Best buddies (most of the time)

Tigger helping Steve fix a light fixture :-)
We have been busy with lots of projects in the last couple weeks. The fall weather has been fantastic but we all know that winter will be here soon. Even though I love being outside as much as possible, I am still looking forward to indoor time. I have a huge list of things I want to get done inside...sewing, preserving, knitting, painting, etc., etc., etc....
Hope you have a great week!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Busy Week of Planting

Yes, it's garlic planting time again. What beautiful weather for it! Every day this week has been sunny & in the high 70's or low 80's. The trees are all changing & maybe when I get done planting, I'll go take some pictures :-). I have added two more varieties this year, so I now have 32. The garlic bed size has increased to accommodate all the cloves I've been popping (separating). The final count should be around 4000 when I am finished. Then I will cover them with straw & hope for the best. There have been a few interruptions to the planting, all animal related. First, yesterday morning, Tigger decided to climb a tree (again) but he couldn't get down. He meowed & cried so I got the ladder & rescued him. Then the chickens decided to free range in the garden & were picking up the garlic cloves and putting them back down. I decided after that to cover them up as I planted, not waiting until the end of the row. And last, I went in the house to take a break, looked out the window & there were 20 cows in our hayfield headed for the garlic bed! The cows escaped from the Amish's pasture down the road (not Eli's this time). Luckily, one of the Amish neighbor boys was outside within ear shot & he along with his older sister, helped me get the cows moving & back into their pasture. If they would have walked into the garlic bed...well, I would have been crying, that's for sure.
Steve & I finished washing all the wood this weekend that we bought from an old barn for our flooring. That is a huge relief. The wood is beautiful, stains & all. We have a list of things to do outside before the weather turns. The garlic was a big one along with the wood and next is re-stacking firewood & getting more. Luckily, our neighbor Jim has plenty to share with us. Steve will work with him, splitting & stacking in exchange for it. There are a few miscellaneous garden chores left to do, like weeding around the blueberries & in the strawberry bed & pulling up wood plant markers.

In chicken news, we have three layers now. The one black hen has been laying for over a month & now the two white hens have started. Three miniature eggs a day! They are earning their keep!
Bubbles (the rooster) has left me alone since the incident in September, but he went after Steve this weekend. It is totally unprovoked. Can't figure it out. I have been letting him see me with food when I let them out in the morning, hoping that he will realize I am not a rooster & attack me. I never turn my back on him, though. Funny how something that size can make you so afraid. :-)
Kristin & Hayley
Last week I had a great time at Kristin & Tim's. Hayley is so sweet. Those cute little cooing noises & sighs. So happy to be able to spend time with her. Jaelyn is doing really well adjusting to her new baby sister. She loves giving her kisses & telling us that baby burped. 

That's all for now. I hope to start blogging more now that it is getting dark earlier & the gardening is winding down. Have a great weekend!
Jaelyn with her present from Hayley. A diaper bag so she can change Abby Caddaby's diaper when
 Mommy is busy.