Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cold Morning in Wisconsin

It's a cold morning in Wisconsin! As I write this, it is -4 with a windchill of -19. Steve went out to get more wood for the stove while I made breakfast. His eyes hurt from the cold. We left to drive up here around 5 pm last night. We usually get off work around 11 am on Fridays but Steve had a job on the north shore to finish up. When we got here, the thermometer in our living area was 33 degrees. In the bathroom (with the little heater on a timer since we've been gone) was also 33 degrees. The one in the basement was just below freeezing at 30 degrees. The last time we were here we put heat tape on the copper pipes to the water heater. Good thing. The rest of the lines are pex which will expand quite a bit before breaking. We shut off all the water too.

We stayed up until midnight reading & the room warmed up to about 60. Steve got up twice during the night to re-stock the stove. It was 66 when we got up this morning.

It's a beautiful day. Clear blue sky. As I look out the front windows, I see some kind of animal track that I don't recognize. We'll go out & investigate that later. Plans for today are to finish up the stairs & start thinking about putting up walls in our new living area. Now that the stairs are almost finished, we can start to imagine what the area will be like when it is done. Our son Shane & his girlfriend Kristi will be coming up here in a few weeks to help us with whatever building we will be doing at the time. He is a custom trim carpenter & does a great job. It's so nice to have help with projects. So far we have been lucky in that regard. When we need a helping hand with something too heavy for us to handle, one of the neighbors will come over to help.

Time to quit writing & get busy...

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