Saturday, March 14, 2009

Steve will be home tonight from his ski trip. Yea! It's been just Mia & I all week besides time visiting with son Shane & sister Cathy. Oh & I went to the shop twice to catch up with the mail. Don't like to come back to a desk piled high on Monday morning. So I have some unfinished projects to do today. Things I promised myself I would get done this week. But it is a beautiful day today. Supposed to be almost 50. I think a walk in the woods would be time well spent. There is something about being outside that clears my head. That nature connection. I have always been one to be outside. Not so much in the winter, but when it's nice out, I feel so cooped up in the house or at work. My camera needs a work-out too. Too much time has gone by without any outdoor pics. Mia is getting tired of posing for me.This is Mia, in the sun, relaxing at my feet while I write,
looking annoyed that I bothered her for another picture.

So on my schedule today...
Make more bread dough & let rise
Finish the gardening book I started
Do more garden planning
Finish looking up stuff for our taxes
Put misc. papers, etc. away in our spare bedroom
And most important...take a walk

Steve won't be home until midnight, maybe I'll get it all done :-)
We'll see how I do. Once I wrote it down, sounds like more than I want to tackle in one day. There's always tomorrow...

Speaking of tomorrow. There is a maple sugaring event at our local forest preserve from noon until 4. It's supposed to be another beautiful day, high 55 & sunny. See if I can keep Steve away from the shop so we can go together. If not, I'll probably go by myself.

Time to stop writing & get a start on the list. Blogging is really addicting.

Have a great weekend!

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UPON A HILL said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog. We use to have a cat & wherever the sun was coming through the window that was where you find him.