Sunday, March 29, 2009

Old Patterns

Just a note: We are up at the farm busily working on projects. I"ll post about the farm tonight or tomorrow when we get home. We have learned about some possible bad news which would greatly affect the farm. I'll post about that later...
Here are a couple of old patterns of my mother-in-laws.

I can't wait to use them on some dishtowels. Check out the price!

And here a couple patterns for bed jackets. Pretty fancy.

This one actually resembles my mother-in-law as a young girl.
Here she is.

Does anyone else have any old patterns that are just waiting to be used again?


Anonymous said...

You know! I love to sew! My patterns that I have I think are from 1970's and I might have some in my mother-in-laws sewing basket.
I love to sew - I find it relaxing...debbie

Anonymous said...

I hope a highway isn't going close or through your property. I hope it won't come true what ever it is...debbie.

Grammy said...

I have not seen any in years. How wonderful you have been given those. I hope all is well.