Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Irish Medical Lore

Let me start out by saying I am 1/4 Irish on my Mom's side. Just so you know I'm not "Irish Bashing" :-)

Here are a few things the Irish were said to do for medical cures.

1. For the Mumps-Wrap the child in a blanket, take it to the pigsty, rub the childs head to the back of a pig, and the mumps will leave it and pass from the child to the animal.

2. For Water on the Brain- Cover the head well with wool then place oil skin over and the water will be drawn up out of the head. When the wool is quite saturated the brain will be free and the child cured.

3. For toothache-Carry in your pocket the two jaw bones of a haddock for ever since the miracle of the loaves and fishes these bones are an infallible remedy against toothache and the older they are the better as nearer the time of the miracle.

4. How to Go Invisible- Get a raven's heart, split it open with a black hafted knife, make three cuts and place a black bean in each cut. Then plant it and when the beans sprout put one in your mouth and say- By virtue of satans heart, and by strength of my great art, I desire to be invisible, and so it will be as long as the bean is kept in the mouth.

Okay. Not going to try any of those! Hope you all have a safe & fun St. Patrick's Day!


PatQ said...

Are you saying these don't work?

Barb and Steve said...

Do you think we could get someone to try? :-)

UPON A HILL said...

Where did they get all the ingredients for the cure?

ChristyACB said...

Back of a pig...oh goodness. Not sure which is worse, sickness or cure. :)

Zan Asha said...

Haha, not sure which are more interesting--the cures, or these comments? I agree with PatQ--I mean, has it been dis-proven? :D :D