Friday, March 20, 2009

A Little "Spring" in my Step

Okay, I've said it many, many times..."I can't wait til spring gets here!" It's here today & I am so happy it is! In the last couple of weeks there have been signs of it approaching. The sun is stronger, the birds are singing, worms are popping out after a rain. The tulips are up but not flowering yet. Not as many this year due to a very hungry family of chipmunks we had around here last summer.
Here are a few pics of spring...
Two years ago in March we closed on the farm. A week later (after the snow melted) we met the horses & cows that the Amish graze in the pasture out front. I'm sure they were happy to be eating the fresh grasses after a winter in the barn.This is Betty & Bob
The Jersey cow I just call Momma Cow since they breed her every Spring.
The other one isn't there anymore.

This is one picture that always reminds me of Spring. My first communion pic.
What an angel I look like. Ha ha. I still have the dress but not the veil.
An early Sunday morning all ready for church. We usually only went to church two times a year, Easter & Palm Sunday. My Mom is Catholic & my Dad wasn't. We still went to catechism on Saturday mornings though. The highlight was going to the drug store afterward & spending our allowance (25 cents) on candy. My favorites were Sweet Tarts, candy cigarettes, bubble gum, big jaw breakers, the straws with the flavored sugar in them... I guess I liked about every kind of candy :-) My mom required us to go to catechism until 8th grade when we were confirmed & then we could quit. We all did. None of us are practicing Catholics now.
I just read the post by Lisa at Another Day in Paradise.

It's about Spring being a new beginning, a time to learn new things. It really made me feel better especially after the day I had yesterday. So if you want to be uplifted, click on the link & read her post.

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Anonymous said...

Barb, I did read Lisa's post and it was all you said. Really enjoyed it. Thanks. And of course I always enjoy your posts - It's one of my favorites...debbie