Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday's Chores

Today I'm getting some things done that have been put off for a while. The filing that has been piling up in the office, scanning old slides from my parents, some laundry. When I'm done with all that, the garden layout.
Yesterday I took my mom out to lunch. She has been going through a lot of boxes, sorting out the stuff she doesn't want. She gave me some sheer curtains that used to hang in the house we moved from when I was four. When I was scanning the slides, I found a picture of them hanging in that house. They are in perfect condition. Not sure where to use them but they are nice to have. She also gave me a lot of old linens (tablecloths, napkins, dresser scarves). I'll post a picture of them some other time. That's the laundry I'm doing.Did your parents ever use a tripod to get the whole family in the picture? Here my dad looks like he's about to get up to check why the camera hasn't gone off yet. My sister Cathy is the only one ready for the picture. How do you like that lamp/planter on the table?
Got to get back to work or I'll never get done. Need to leave some time for a walk. It's another great day.


Suzanne said...

This picture is such a treasure. Isn't it amazing that we can remember the wallpaper or the curtains from our childhood homes?

Your mother is what we called a delicate beauty with that long, slender neck. She epitomized the look of the time.....late 50's? Early 60's?

Thanks for sharing. It's like a trip down memory lane.

- Suzanne

Barb and Steve said...

I'll tell my mom you said that...she'll love it. It was taken in 1957 I think.