Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quiet Saturday at Home

It's a beautiful, sunny day here. Steve went in to work to do some drawings & paperwork. I am staying home to clean, take a walk & relax. Later on, we hope to see Avatar. It will be our Valentine's present to ourselves. As much as I try to eat healthly, I can't resist movie theater popcorn and my mouth is watering thinking about it! The movie starts at 6pm so that will be our dinner :-). Last night we watched the movie Food, Inc. which was really good. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It is about how the food industry works to hide how our food is processed & produced and what we can do about it.  I still haven't seen Fresh but it is next on the list.
Yesterday I got my order of Arnica flowers & small round tins to make salves for pain & bruising. I really feel the need to fill the void of not being able to practice naturopathic medicine. I have been thinking about selling salves as a business. I really want to help people. Even though my ability to study has left me, my need to help people has not. I am going to start taking Wednesday's off to stay at home & concentrate on finding a way to fill that void. Thanks to my sister Cathy coming to work for us, I can do that.
 My sister Cathy, always there for me.
Right now it is 15 degrees with a windchill of 3 degrees. I think I'll wait a little while for that walk. I am working my way up to 4 miles a day. That is my goal. I am at 2 miles now. I found a cool site that lets you draw your route & it measures the miles. It's Google Map Pedometer. Check it out.


Happy Days said...

Glad to see you both are taking US time. I hear Avatar is amazing. I havne't had the urge to go see it yet. Will wait until I hear back from you both to see how it was. I have met no one who did't love the movie and the effects...Have a great time...debbie

PatQ said...

I agree with you on the salve thing. But I think I've told you that before. And that pedometer thing looks cool. I'll have to check it out.

Kritter Keeper said...

that is great barb, love that you are into the natural healing...i have that movie on my netflix...i use essential oils and that work miracles for me...just banged my head on the corner of a chest and i immediately put on my lavendar and my more pain and no bruise but the next day it was tender. thankfully no bump...i need to post about them...happy valentines day!

Jenna Gayle said...

I'm actually about to order some Arnica flowers myself! My grandpa bruises extremely easy and was using an arnica cream that he can't get anymore, so I'm going to make him some. If I may ask, where did you order yours from? The best place I've found is More Than Alive, though they aren't organic (I'd prefer they be). I've made a comfrey salve with tea tree and lavender essential oils for my husband's psoriasis. I'm also getting pau 'd arco to try in one! It's fun!! :)

Barb and Steve said...

Hi Jenna Gayle,
I order from Mountain Rose Herbs. Most of their stuff is organic. Another one I've ordered from is Starwest Botanicals. Welcome to the blog :-)

Happy Days said...

Barb, I have awarded you with The Friendly Award, for your blog being so friendly and warm and cozy in your Big Red Barn. Love to visit with you! ...debbie