Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Snow Storm On the Way

Could be one of the snowiest February's on record in Illinois, the meteorologist's say. Eight to twelve inches is expected starting late afternoon through Monday afternoon. Steve is getting home tonight from Colorado. Not real positive on that with the weather. It is snowing out there now. They have a 3 hour drive from the ski resort to the Denver airport. He is skiing this morning. One last good run for the season then off to the airport. I told him he should buy some good snacks for the airport. Could be waiting awhile if they start canceling flights. I hope not. I miss him. Yes, it's nice to have time to myself, but only for a while. I can only sleep in for so many days (not true :-), not worry about what to make for dinner, and generally do what ever I feel like for so long. But everyone needs some structure to their life & I really don't have any when he's not here. 

Yesterday, while out on a walk, I was thinking about anticipaton. The anticipation of the snow storm. I really enjoy that stage. It's exciting before it happens. I think everyone has a survival instinct (at least I hope so) stemming from the olden days when there wasn't a grocery store every couple miles or so and a Walgreen's on every corner. I remember the big ice storm we had as kids and losing power for a week. A family of six, sleeping in the basement where it was warmer, using the fireplace during the day for heat. Eating cold sandwiches, wearing our coats inside. To us kids, it was an adventure. I'm sure my parents didn't feel that way. Yesterday I went to the grocery store (which is within walking distance) and it was packed. I expected that though. Not to many people have enough stored to withstand not going to the grocery store every few days. I admit, I am there every other day. My diet of mostly fresh, living foods makes that mandatory. But, that said, I also have stores of food on hand that we could make do on for quite a while and ways to prepare it without using electricity. When we finally do move to the farm, we'll even be more prepared. I'll have more room to store canned and dried foods. At the townhouse, we are limited. Some things are here & some are at the farm. Especially since cleaning the house to get it in that "for sale & I must look like a model" phase.

Last night I watched the movie "UP". Has anyone else seen it? Did you cry? I did. About four times.

I am going to stop writing and get out of bed. Yes it's noon :-). (I read past midnight) Yes I'm being totally lazy. Yes, I will probably have to have a beer to get to sleep tonight.
So give me all your good vibes and get Steve home safely tonight...

Dress I bought for Amy's wedding


angie said...

Hi Barb,

What a lovely dress!

Lynn said...

Super dress and love the color. It is kind of exciting waiting for a storm, snow or hurricane for us.

If push came to shove, I think we could get by for a couple of months with the food on hand. The selection would not be too great, but at least it would be filling. I'm big on fresh fruit and veggies so probably would not be a happy camper if I had to exist on what is in store for more than a week.

I'm trying to learn to garden and then can. I'm a city girl through and through so it is quite an effort to want to grow it and then can for Pete's sake.

Linda said...

I enjoyed your blog and will visit again.

Me said...

Ha! I had to stop by and tell ya that whole part of having a beer so you can go to bed was great! I do that too sometimes! It's better then me taking Ambien, Lunesta, any and all other forms of meds lol :)

And your right about anticipation! We've got it ok here.... I would like to think we could survive for a week if we had too :) All the camping equipment is in the basement, we have a wood burning fireplace, and lots of clothes :) Good thinkin! It kills me everytime there's a storm tho.... it's so random what people will buy in preparation for it... a few storms ago, one grocery store ran out of bread. Bread!?! Really!?!

Ok... off to go gas up my vehicle :) (that's my prep but I needed gas anyway :)

Anonymous said...

OOOOOO, I like your dress! Pretty color! Now that you said it, I guess I do like the anticipation of a big storm coming too. I'll head to the grocery store early and chuckle at everyone racing to get finished before "IT" gets here.
Sometimes It's a failure and sometimes they are right on target.
I hope Steve get's home just fine. I'm sure he will. It was a pretty day for most of the country today.
I saw UP with my daughter and granddaughter Madison and just LOVED it and yes, I cried several times. I cry over the least little's so silly. But the older I get, the worse I get!! lol It was a darling movie!...debbie