Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family News

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with posting the last couple of days. It hasn't been the normal routine as of late. My mom fell & broke her hip a few days ago. My brother & I went to see her yesterday afternoon in the hospital and she was pretty confused. Her surgery was the day before so I'm not sure if it was due to the pain meds or from being under for the surgery. She lives in an assisted living facility now but will move from the hospital to either a rehab center or a nursing home for rehab until she is able to get around. She is 80 so it might take a while. Unfortunately, she is not a good patient. That is why she is in assisted living. She tends to drag all illnesses, etc. to the max. Likes all the attention. Kind of reverts to acting like a child. I've seen it all my life. I guess that's why I'm the exact opposite of her. :-) Oh well...
On the home front, Steve left for Colorado skiing yesterday with the ski club. This is the second year I've decided to stay home. I really want to save the money for the farm (and I don't ski anyway). I will miss hanging out with the people in the club though. He said they have new snow & the skiing was good today. Everyone is having some kind of effects from the high altitude though. Steve had a headache yesterday along with a lot of the others on the trip. Our friend George's fiancee' had to get a bottle of oxygen from the clinic out there. Before Steve left he started to drink a lot of water and take a ginkgo biloba supplement. Ginkgo has been proven in double blind study to reduce the severity of altitude sickness. 80mg twice a day was the doseage. This is from The Textbook of Natural Medicine (one of my school books). It's also beneficial for Raynaud's Disease (where the tips of your fingers & toes turn white in the cold).
Jaelyn and family are doing fine. I am missing them so much. I am thinking of going there next week for the day to tide me over until Steve & I go for a weekend. When I talk to Kristin on the phone, Jaelyn is cooing in the backround. Makes me miss her even more. Tim is doing great since his appendix was taken out.
Amy & Rob are busy making wedding plans. I'm going over to the house to see her wedding dress on Saturday. Can't wait :-). They got their engagement pictures taken Tuesday and they are really cute. So many good ones to choose from. The wedding is in mid-May. I still have to find a dress. I've been looking online (I'm not much of a store shopper) but haven't come across the right one yet.
Tomorrow I'm going to lunch with Pat from Not Now... I'm Counting blog. We've been friends for quite a while now. We met through ski club. Neither one of us skiis so we hang out together & shop & knit.
I have been taking daily walks & am up to two miles now. I walk fast. Usually get done in 20 minutes or so. Working my way up to 4 miles. It's nice now that the days are getting longer & the birds are chirpping. Spring is on the way.


fullfreezer said...

Oh dear. I hope your mother mends soon. But, I'm glad that everyone else seems to be doing well.
Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of your mom's accident. I hope she does well and heals quickly. I bet they have great skiing conditions in Colorado. Hopefully they will become accustomed to the thin air.
I bet Jaelyn is growing like a weed. Take more photos for us! We wanna see!! I need to walk too, but the streets are so snowy, it's not worth the effort. Two miles, your doing good!!!...debbie

PatQ said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. We can swap mom and baby stories.