Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home From Seeing Granddaughter Jaelyn

I got home this morning and miss them already! It is so much fun to have this cute little girl smiling & cooing at me. She is so alert and is always making little sounds. Last night I babysat for her while Krisitin & Tim went to the last Bradley game. She was sleeping when they left but woke up soon after. I feed her a bottle (of breast milk) and we hung out for a while. Then she fell asleep until they got home. The visit wasn't long enough, but I will fit them in whenever I can. Steve & I will be going down there in a couple weeks again.

This weekend we ARE going to the farm. With work so busy since the new year, we need the time off. We would love to go to the MOSES (Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service) Conference this weekend in LaCrosse, but feel like we NEED to be at the farm. Can't believe we have gone this long without being there. We'll be picking up more drywall on the way in case we decide to get busy on that again. It'll be good to see the neighbors and catch up with what is going on. I am hoping that Eli & Lizzie's goat hasn't been loose, grazing on all of our bushes while we are gone. Their livestock tends to be on our farm a lot. We seriously need to get some good fencing done this year. The cows & horses haven't done too much damage, but a goat eats everything I hear.


Laura said...

Those pictures of her smiling are precious. I bet you do miss her already. I hope you have good weather for your trip to the farm and yes goats do like to eat anything green.

Linda said...

She is indeed a beautiful baby. I love her little smile.

When we flew from Texas to Oregon to see our new grandson I was spellbound. I pulled up a chair by his bed and spent hours staring at him. I cried and cried whe I had to leave.

SkippyMom said...

Just as smiling and happy as her parents isn't she? What a darling baby.

Have fun at the farm - stay warm and fingers crossed for no snow! :D

Anonymous said...

Jaelyn is just beautiful and so cute when she smiles for Gramma! I can imagine you hated to leave. I am so lucky my two are 10-15 minutes away! Glad your going to the farm this weekend. Hope you don't get all this wicked snow. I can't go to the mountains because they are to get 1-2 feet and we won't be able to get into our driveway...haven't been since mid-Nov...debbie Drive safe

PatQ said...

I can't believe how she's growing already! And she's smiling now. Oh boy, the fun is beginning.

angie said...

Hi Barb,

What a cutie your granddaughter is.

MOSES was great, but I totally understand the need to spend some down time at the farm.