Monday, February 22, 2010

Not such a bad snow after all.

Our winter storm turned out to be so so. Not sure of the final total but I know it is nowhere near 6-8 inches that they ended up calling for last night. At least they downgraded it from the 8-12 they originally predicted.

Steve made it home around 1:30 this morning. The flight was delayed and the roads were terrible, but he made it. Had good skiing the whole time and is very tired today. He made it into work by eight. He'll probably be sleeping by eight tonight :-)

Tomorrow I'm going to see Jaelyn (and Kristin & Tim :-). So excited! She had her six week checkup today and is doing great. I'll stay over night & come back Wednesday night. Just a short visit but at least I will be abe to see that cute smile in person.

Saturday, I went over to Amy's to see her in her wedding dress. She looked beautiful. I won't describe it because Rob reads this sometimes. Her friend Lee is throwing her a shower a month from now and made some really elegant looking invitations from a kit. I thought they were professionally done. The wedding will be here before we know it.

When Steve got to work today, he noticed that the hub caps were gone on the van. Someone stole them over the weekend! I was there Saturday afternoon, so it must have been after that. We filed a report with the police and the officer said there have been car break-ins on our street. We don't keep any tools in the van so they didn't try that. We are going to start pulling the van in at night now. Hub caps like ours are around $125 a piece. Ouch!
Hope everyone survived the storm. How much did you get?


Linda said...

We've had a very mild winter in Portland, Oregon. We have sun today but will be back to our usual rain tomorrow.

Have a wonderful trip to see that sweet baby.

fullfreezer said...

They originally predicted 6-10 inches of snow for us. Fortunately it went South of us by about 70 miles. My parents still got about 6 inches of snow but we only ended up with around 2. Not too bad at all. That makes about 4 inches for the weekend total but at least it hasn't been as cold.
Have a great trip to see your darling grandbaby.

angie said...

Have a safe trip Barb.

Not too bad in the city. About 4", very wet.

angie said...


Did I already send you this?

angie said...

This is a better link. The other one was re a location change.

Carol............. said...

I miss the snow here in Arizona and by the time we get back to Washington State it will be spring again!

Jaelyn is so very adorable!