Thursday, February 5, 2009

Studying Again (Yeah!)

Tuesday was my weekly appointment for therapy. Liz (my therapist) decided I should crack the books again as part of my homework for her. I am to read two chapters a night & write an outline of them. Saturday is a day off & Sunday I need to write from memory what I remember about what was read. The book I'm studying now is the Textbook of Natural Medicine, Volume I. This is no small book! About 1400 pages. I had just purchased it right before the accident so I am starting from the beginning. Last night I started the process around 5pm. I'm still not finished writing the outline as of this morning. I have a problem with distraction & we all know that life is full of distractions. Since I also tend to get overwhelmed very easily now, I am thinking maybe one chapter a night might be better. I've left Liz a message & am waiting a call back. She has no idea what book it is I'm dealing with :-)
It does feel good to get back into the swing of things again, though. I just hope I remember what it is I read.

My friend Pat at "Not Now, I'm Counting!!!" just wrote how she is in a rut. I think everyone needs a little spring right now. Go over & visit her & leave a comment if you can. I know it always makes me feel better when I know that someone is reading my blog. Pat is the one who taught me how to knit. She makes beautiful items that she shows on her blog. I only hope someday I'll be able to do half as good of a job as she does!

Even the sight of weeds are beautiful this time of year!

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Blondie's Journal said...


I came to visit from Pat's blog. I guess the three of us are Illinoisians (is that right or is it Illinoisans?) I read alot of your posts while I was in bed with the last bit of a cold last night. The barn renovations are awesome! Steve is extremely talented and you are obviously always pitching in-I admire that! I am happy you are in school and love all your natural tips, we all really have to start thinking this way and it will be nice to have someone to get ideas from (you!!) I am also so sorry about your accident. It is amazing you both survived. I hope things get better for you~keep your chin up!

I am following you (oooh, that sounds weird!) Come & visit sometime my new friend! :-)