Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Questions From Chris

Chris from A One Acre Homestead in Ohio posed these questions on his blog yesterday. Let's see if I can answer them...

Basic Questions About You

1-What is the biggest goal of your lifestyle? to be self-sufficient

2-When did you start this lifestyle? two years ago

3-What was your main motivation? healthly living

4-Did you have any previous experience in anything you're doing now? have always been handy & had skills like sewing, etc.

5-Does your spouse/significant other (if you have one) share the same ideas? yes

6-Do your friends and family understand and support these choices? What about your kids? Friends & family think we are kooks :-) but kids are great even if they don't understand all of it.

7-How happy are you with your achievements so far? Have come a long way but need to work on it more. Living 2 places makes it harder, though.

8-Are you more of a gardener, homesteader, prepper, health conscience, "green"' or a combination of several? A combination of all of the above.

9-Has this change of lifestyle affected your personality? I have always been on the quiet, shy side. I now enjoy talking more with like-minded people.

10-Has it changed your view of your life before? Now I realize how automatically programmed we are to consume. I consider myself "deprogrammed"

11-What about how you view others that don't understand it or naysay? I just know that they haven't read between the lines, they may watch only mainstream media or they might be closed-minded or scared to see reality. I still have hope for them though.

12-If you could convince someone to live the way you do in ONE sentence, what would you say? That's hard to anwer. "What would you do if all of your electronic devices quit working?" At least that would get their attention.

Other Questions-

1-How large is your vegetable garden? football field size.

2-Do you grow any fruits, and what and how many? Yes. Apples, blueberries ,cherries & pears

3-Do you have any animals and what are they? (other than pets) Not yet

4-Do you can/dehydrate/freeze/store your own produce? Yes to all

5-Do you work with mainly power tools or hand tools in your gardens and others? (wood cutting, splitting, tiller vs. broadfork etc...) Both

6-Do you compost? Yes

7-Do you recycle? Yes

8-Do you consider yourself energy conscience? (conserving to save $) Yes & always looking for new ways

9-Do you make any of your own household cleaners? Yes

10-Do you make your own bread? Not yet.

11- If in an emergency situation, are you able to not leave home for a week? How about a month? A year?? Working on it.

12-Are you tired of answering questions yet? :-)

13-If you prep, what do you consider to be your most useful tool/items? wood stove, saved seeds, matches, food storage

14-Are you able to heat your home without gas or fuel oil? One home yes, one home no

15-Are you able to cook without gas or electricity? Same as above answer

16-Again, if in an emergency situation, could you live in the wild or out of a tent? ( camping,hunt/fish, cook,etc.) yes to camping, fishing, cooking

17-Have you ever practiced your prep skills? (turning off main power for a day or 2) How did you do? (this can include a power outage due to weather as a test) Not yet at the townhome but we didn't have electric or plumbing for quite a while at the farm

18-Do you have the knowledge & skills (plus tools) to hunt and fish for food? Not to hunt but to fish

19-If you don't prep, why not?

20-Do you or can you sew your own clothes and make your own bedding? Yes

21-Can you field dress a deer, drink a coffee, smoke a cigarette, make a cell phone call, light a fire, AND answer all of my annoying questions at the same time? lol thanks for playing! Great quiz Chris. Thanks!

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