Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last Weekend at the Farm: The Wall in the Foyer

It was a sunny weekend at the farm. The temperatures got into the 30's & it felt like spring. Enough of the zero & teens weather! Unfortunately, today is very, very cold again. We drove up on Saturday morning instead of Friday afternoon. Work seems to get in the way sometimes. Seemed to be less traffic this whole trip due to no rush hour through Madison on Friday & the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Steve brought up his cross country skis hoping to get a little fun time in but the snow was just too crunchy. So we got to work...

There were some holes in the floor to patch from pulleys that the Amish use to run their machinery. First the holes needed to be squared off so we could easily fit a new piece (see the 2 side patches) in place. Another larger piece was glued around the edges & attached under the floor from the basement to hold the new piece.

Next, a new wall needed to be built. This wall forms the foyer hallway & butts up to the stairs (up & down). To build the wall, we laid it out on the floor, then nailed it together.It reached almost 60 degrees in the unheated area we were working in.
Passive solar is great!Here is the wall put together but not yet moved into place.
First we wanted to put the drywall on since it would be against the stairs.
After the drywall is on & put into place.This was exciting for us. To be able to define a space with a wall. In this shot, I am standing in the foyer area looking into our kitchen.
And so ends another weekend at the farm.


Edain: said...

Great! Thanks for the update and keep it coming. :)

Juli said...

What a beautiful place you have !

Barb and Steve said...

Thanks Edain & Juli & welcome Juli to the blog!