Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Weekend With Amy

We had a lot of fun this weekend. Our daughter Amy & her dog Hero came up for a visit on Saturday. We worked on some inside projects. It was great to have Amy there helping us! Steve built three more walls to put up around the stairs. Doing this in sections made it much easier to handle.
Hero was helping us too!

Amy was in charge of putting all the screws in the drywall & did a great job.
The next step was to put up the walls. With a little heavy lifting, it was done. The hole in the wall is head room for the stairs to the basement. The area in front of it will be made into a workbench of sorts in the shop area.

Here is the view from the top of the basement steps.
And here is the wall from the "up the stairs" view.

When our work was finished at the farm, we went to a nearby town to see a ski-jumping competition. It was sponsored by the Snowflake Ski Club in Westby. This competition has been going on since the 1920's.
Here is Steve & Amy in front of the main ski jump.
The people you see on the slope are grooming the area for the next competition. This is an Olympic size jump used for US & international competitions. After the jumps we went to the rod and gun club to see a band and have a couple beers. (Except me. I'm the designated driver :-)
Sunday, Amy & I went to town to shop at the food co-op & an antique-junk store. She found an autographed book from the 40's about flower arranging & we saw a toboggan to tell Steve about. Went we got back to the farm, we all took a walk in the woods. Hero had a great time running around.
We showed Amy the tree that fell last year in a storm. It is a huge oak that
split down the middle & is stuck into another tree. Would love
to get it down to use in the house for the floor or cabinets.

Before going back in the barn, we stopped in the garden & found the brussel sprouts that were buried in the snow. Still green & a beautiful sight in the middle of winter.

Can't wait to get started in the garden....


Blondie's Journal said...

Your daughter is as handy as your husband~how wonferful. The house seems to be coming along nicely. It was also nice to see all of you take a break for some fun & then a relaxing walk! :-)

Just love reading your blog!


Wheeler's Rabbit Hill Farm said...

What a great weekend!