Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Spring!

It is snowing like crazy out right now. Actually, it's not bad when you know by Monday it'll be back in the 50's. I do hope it lets up before I drive to Amy's shower. Every time it snows, I wish I had an all- wheel drive Subaru instead of a Mini Cooper. Maybe someday. It never bothered me until the accident. Now when people follow to close I kind of freak out inside. Just knowing how it feels to get injured makes my "flight or fight" response kick in. Oh well...I'll just pop my book on tape in the DVD player and cruise down the road.
Everyone is showing interest in my liver cleanse planned for later today. I will post after the shower how to do it. It is not a kit bought at the store, but the ingredients are common and found easily. I can't say I look forward to the actual cleanse, but I do look forward to the feeling after the cleanse. The liver gets sluggish with toxins and really drags you down energy-wise. Even though my diet is mostly made up of fresh organic ingredients, I still feel the need to do a cleanse. Environmental toxins abound in this world. A healthy liver obviously works better to clean out those toxins.
Last night I broke out the books and tried studying for a while. Then I watched the movie "The Informant" with Matt Damon. It was pretty good. Then off to bed to read. Steve emailed me when he got up this morning to say "hi" which I appreciate because I slept in later than him :-). I don't get the chance to sleep in much so he didn't ruin it for me. He said the sun is out up there and he was going to start working on the drywall. I miss being up there with him, Mia sitting in front of the woodstove, the Amish going to town in their buggies, Brutus, the neighbor's dog, coming to visit. Oh well. Next weekend.
Jaelyn "milk drunk" after nursing :-)


Nekkid Chicken said...

I have have been wondering how to do a liver cleanse. So, I am waiting with baited breath for your next blog post.

That little wee one is sooooo adorable.

I can just imagine her fresh baby smell.


the wild magnolia said...

Wishing you good traveling and happy "shower".

Never done a liver cleanse. Hmmmm..

SkippyMom said...

I really appreciated the "milk drunk" pic of beautiful Jaelyn.

It has been almost 12 years since I nursed our youngest and I forgot how googly/sleepy/passed out they can get after a meal. And the best time [I thought] was nursing them in bed in the middle of the night, all snuggled in.

You son/daughter did a beautiful job - she is gorgeous.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I know the feeling You have when driving. I get it every time I drive beside a lorry. Once a lorry driver didn´t notice that I was driving just beside him, so he decided to change lanes. I have never been that afraid in all my life. I was lucky since he just pushed me up on the snowy edge of the road in to a small fence, nothing worse happened.

My frind however wasn´t that lucky when she got in the same position. She had a concrete wall beside her. She got out of it with no injuries, but the car wasn´t recognisible.

Have a great day now!