Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A New Week Starts

We are glad to have the ordeal over with of Hilda's death. Looking forward now to some normalcy in our lives.  We will also be extra observant as far as Steve's dad is concerned. He has diabetes and some trouble getting around due to circulation problems. Iwas able to meet a couple people from the family that I hadn't met yet at the wake Sunday.  It is good to put a face to the name. Too bad that a lot of times people don't get together except at funerals or weddings. Steve & his brother Bill stood up & talked about their mom at the service. It was a really nice touch. Then a bag piper played Amazing Grace at the end of the service and everyone was in tears. That was one of her wishes for the service. They had a bag piper at their wedding too. Here is a great 1950's picture of Steve's family.

Steve with sister Wendy & Mom & Dad

Hope everyone has a great week!


Linda said...

There's something different about losing the mother in a family. 'Home' is never the same once the mother is gone.

Anonymous said...

What a nice looking family. His mom looks similar to mine when she was young. Blond hair, parted and curls. Must have been the style of the 40's-50's. The greiving process starts after the funeral it seems. I pray that the old photos and memories of his mom will comfort him...debbie

PatQ said...

Oh my gosh, I thought his mom was his sister at first. She looks really young!