Friday, March 12, 2010

More Seeds Arrived

Here is a list of the last (maybe :-)) seeds I ordered this Spring. I wanted to try different kinds, to be adventurous. Here they are with the description from the Seeds Savers website.

Garlic Chives-Nice mild garlic-flavored flattened leaves. Beautiful, white, star-shaped flower clusters are a pleasant surprise in late August. Good ornamental value. Perennial in zones 4-8.

Summer Crookneck Squash- Semi-open bush plants produce extended heavy crops of smooth light yellow fruits with curved necks, bumps develop after edible stage. Best eaten when 5-6" long. Creamy white, sweet mild flesh has excellent flavor. Keep picked clean to enjoy all season. 55-60 days.

Long Island Cheese Squash-I've grown this before. Excellent for pies. East Coast heirloom long remembered as a great pie squash by people in the New York and New Jersey areas. Named for its resemblance to a wheel of cheese. Flattened fruits are buff-colored with deep orange flesh, 6-10 pounds and a good keeper. 90-100 days.

Radish, French Breakfast-Oblong and blunt, rose-scarlet with a white tip. White, crisp flesh, mildly pungent flavor, top quality. Sow in the spring or fall, pick when small. A garden standard since the 1880s. 30 days.

Turnip, Purple Top White-Widely used since before 1880. Uniform 6" smooth white globes are best for eating when 3-4" in diameter. Sweet mild fine-grained white flesh. Excellent quality, stores extremely well. 45-65 days.

Soybean, Envy-Great short-season variety. Developed by Professor Elwyn Meader at the Univ. of NH. Upright 24" plants produce an abundance of all-green beans, excellent quality. 75-85 days.

Soybean, Fiskeby-Swedish variety bred by Sven Holmberg that thrives in northern climates. Use fresh or dried, highly nutritious, up to 40% protein, high in calcium, iron, and vitamins (particularly A, B1, B12 and C). 75-80 days.

Cucumber, Poona Kheera-Originally from India, this very unusual cucumber matures into what looks like a large russet potato. Tender, crisp, and delicious, smooth-skinned fruits turn from white to golden yellow to russet brown and may be eaten at any stage, skin and all. Hardy, disease resistant vines produce early with good yields. 55 days.

Beet, Chioggia- First introduced to American gardeners in the lat 1840s from Italy. Uniquely beautiful flesh has alternating red and white concentric rings that resemble a bull's-eye. Very tender, nice for eating and pickling. Retains markings if baked whole and sliced just before serving. A spectacular variety. 50 days.

Carrot,Dragon-The finest, most refined purple carrot available. Sure to be the best selling carrot at specialty and farmers’ markets. The beautiful reddish-purple exterior provides an amazing contrast with the yellowish-orange interior when peeled or sliced. Sweet, almost spicy flavor. 90 days.

Flower, Ladybird Nasturtium (edible)-Beautiful, unique, eye-catching orange-yellow flowers with bright red central markings. Edible flowers, like all other nasturtiums. Extremely dwarf plants are ideal for container gardening and pots, where space is limited, but will also thrive in normal garden conditions. Hardy annual, 8–10" tall
Flower, Black Velvet Nasturtium (edible)-Intense velvety-black flower, another completely unique color within this genus. Dwarf 10–12" plants are ideal for containers. For a great contrast, try adding blossoms to your fresh spring salads. Hardy annual.

This afternoon, I plan to spend some time trying to decide what kind of weed contol to use between rows of veggies and also which kind of floating row cover to get. There are different weights & transparencies. Any ideas? What has worked for you?

We are headed down to see Kristin, Tim & Jaelyn Saturday. So excited to see them! Jaelyn is 2 months old now. Time is flying by!


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Lots of nice things there! Personally I have to take it easy with growing things this year, since I´m not allowed to do any heavy work until next year. But I will grow some tomatoes, tomatillos, a small melon and a hughe pumpkin :-)
Have a great day now!

lisa said...

Sounds like your going to have a fantastic garden this year...I have yet to far the snow is all gone I am more motivated then ever. Have a wonderful day..Lisa

Anonymous said...

You have a great variety of plants! should be a great garden this year! I really don't like cooked turnips. Like them raw so much better providing their not too bitter. I should plant some garlic - I use enought of it!!...debbie

Linda said...

You should have a lot of fun with your garden this year. Good luck.

Katidids said...

Grat choices, I stll have topick up more seed. Som of your choices arnew to me, it will be nice to follow the growth to see the results for next year. I think I have to much planned for he space I have ready as it is now

Anonymous said...

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