Sunday, March 21, 2010

Liver Cleanse Done

Last night I got a late start on the liver cleanse. I stayed at the shower a lot longer than I thought I would. I was a lot of fun. Amy's friend Leanna did a great job. They got a lot of nice presents and it was fun having everyone together.
 Anyway...home a little later than the 6pm I though I was going to start it at. I learned about this cleanse through my naturapathic doctor. It was right after I started my "living food" way of life. Some of you have expressed an interest in doing a liver cleanse. It is not just taking a pill or two. It is pretty involved but not hard to do. It just means freeing up a weekend to do it. There are other cleanses you should do before the liver cleanse though. A kidney & parasite cleanse. Instead of writing about it all (which would take forever :-),  here is a link to a website which uses the same liver cleanse I did last night. Please note that there are a few claims that Hulda Clark made originally that have been proven to be not true in all cases.
It is an interesting process to do this cleanse.  You must have Epsom Salts, organic grapefruit (not bottled juice), olive oil (some other oils can be used) and water. Other supplies are a pint jar with a lid and a straw to help you drink it all down. Scared yet? Oh yes, you will be making faces. It is ok to get some Emergen'C (vitamin C powder sold in drug stores) and add it to the epsom salt and water mixture. I did this for the first time last night. It helps a lot! Then there is the oil & grapefruit mixture. The only way to get that down is a straw. It really doesn't taste that bad it is just that you are drinking a diluted oil. Not the texture we are used to. So all of this starts in the afternnon or early evening, continues through the night and into the next morning. After you are done, you might feel weaker than normal (I do) but as soon as you start eating lightly the feeling goes away.
So you ask, is this worth it? I would say definitely "yes". Why? you ask. Here is a link to why your liver is so important to keep healthly. Yes it's Wikipedia, but it does seem to be very thorough.
Another good thing will come from this too. Something you have probably never seen come from your body. Little, beautiful, fluorescent green bile stones. No there won't be a picture of mine (you can find them on Hulda's site though.)Every time I've done the cleanse, they are there.
There. Are you going to do one? Don't do it because I said to do it. I can only do what I think is right for me through the knowledge I have learned in my studies. Totally your decision. Read through all the info provided and make your decision.

Steve is on his way home now. I'll write about his weekend later...


Linda said...

Hmmmm, I'll get back to you on that liver cleanse. Glad it makes you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I could do that. I guess you did the parasite cleanse too? I too am glad it makes you feel better. I'm all about feeling good!...debbie

Anonymous said...
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