Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seed Orders (So Far)

For the last week or so, I've been looking through the seed catalogs & the other day I brought the seed packets out of cold storage to see what I need for this year. The companies I ordered from are Seed Savers, Baker Creek, Peaceful Valley & The Natural Gardening Co.
Here is a list of the new seeds I've ordered so far...

Yukon Gold
German Butterball
Purple Viking

Green Arrow
Dwarf Gray Sugar
Amish Snap

White Lunar Carrot
Parisian Carrot
Scarlet Nantes

Florence Fennel
Slow Bolt Cilantro
Nasturtium-Jewel Peach Melba
Lacinato Kale
Cucumber-Homemade Pickles

Winter Dickenson
Summer Fordhook
Long Island Cheese
Hopi Pale Grey

Collective Farm Woman
Hearts of Gold

Early Jersey Wakefield
Mammoth Red Rock

Snowball Turnip
Chinese Red Meat Radish (Beauty Heart)

I have other things on my list to buy this year too & many outdoor projects in mind. I've also been looking at making a seed starting table like this one at The Door Garden. This pic is from his blog of the table in progress...
Another idea I have been giving some thought is beekeeping. Making the top bar hives wouldn't be that difficult (for Steve :-) and I would like to do my part to help the bee population (honey would be a bonus).
And then there is the hoop house we'd like to get up in the spring. Winter greens for next year....yum.
We still have chard  & cilantro growing in the cold frame on the south side of the barn. This was taken on January 12th.
I planted the cilantro from the garden in Oct. when it re-sprouted.
Neither one looks pretty, but they are edible. :-)
Blue Jay...pesky, but pretty.
I am also going to take some cuttings from our Nanking Cherry bushes & lilacs to start new plants. Still looking into that. I'll have to find some older posts on Christer's blog about propagation.
Enough for now...time to get busy!

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SkippyMom said...

Your seed list looks amazing. You are going to have a wonderful garden this year. The seed starter table is a work of art. I have never seen one, but what a great idea.

Love the birdie pic'. Have a good week!