Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Project Done

This weekend, Steve put up the doors going to the basement & workshop. We have had temporary doors there since we moved to the west side of the barn. Big improvement! In look & warmth. I went to town today to check out some paint colors. We are sticking with the "fiesta" color scheme. We got  the Fiestaware dishes out of the cupboard & held them up to the doors :-).  Both the doors are exterior doors. The one on the left goes down to the basement & the right one leads to the workshop. They should be more sound proof than interior doors.
We also took time out to play with Tigger & Vinnie outside. It was such a nice weekend.
Tigger bounding through the snow.
At first, Tigger would only walk  in the existing footprints. Then she got brave when she wanted to go over by the bird feeder.
Vinne & Steve played catch with the tennis ball.
Vinnie would stay out all day if we let him. :-) He loves the cold & snow. His fur is so thick with the two layers he has. Sometimes he licks at his paws though. Snow gets caked in between the pads.

Woodpecker at the feeder.
Vinnie & Tig playing tug of war with some yarn.
We are expecting an inch or so more of snow tonight into tomorrow. That's okay. I don't have to drive anywhere. I'll be able to enjoy watching out the window.
Tonight's sunset.


Lois Evensen said...

Great update. The snow shots are lots of fun. :)

Saloma Furlong said...

Great photos! LOVE the sunset one.


Life Line said...

Witch door to the out side R or L?

Anonymous said...

It is so cute how Vinnie and tiger play together. Liked Tiger leaping in the snow too!! Can't wait to see what color the doors are going to be!! Gold and Green??...debbie

Judy said...

Awe, I see we got some snow. I know by the end of the month I'll be ready to come home. We're loving it here but I'm starting to miss home :)

Barb said...

The snow is coming down lightly today. Probably another inch or so.
Door'll have to wait & see :-)