Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moon Set at Sunrise

The last couple of mornings, we've been awakened by a bright setting moon out the western window. I took a walk with Vinnie & Tigger to get a picture but it was already too light out for a good shot of the moon.
A thoughtful look.

Tigger investigating a stump.

The weather here has been so spring-like. It is a strange January indeed. But wait. Don't even think it is going to last. There is a weather advisory. Up to eight inches of the fluffy white stuff coming our way. Plus a little wind. How exciting! (Only if you don't have to drive anywhere.) Part of living here at the farm is being self-sufficient. Food on hand in the pantry, wood drying inside for the stove, and a neighbor who will plow the driveway :-).
Last weekend we went to Jaelyn's 2nd birthday party. Time is just flying by. Such a big girl now.
Mom made good cupcakes!

A new tricycle!

Here's those Minnie Mouse cupcakes Kristin made.

Hayley is such a smiley baby.

Going back in time a little...we had a great Christmas celebration with the family.
Amy & Rob cooked a great breakfast.

Steve made Rob & Tim baseball card display cabinets.

I made aprons for the crew.
Jaelyn hugging her new dolly.
Uncle Shane enjoying some "Hayley-time"
 The week between Christmas & New Year's, we painted. We've always done the neutral colors but decided to go a little "fiesta crazy". Put on your is a pic...
It's bright & cheery & definitely out of our "comfort zone", but we like it. The rest of the walls will be pine & the the trim at the ceiling & floor too.

That's all for now. Time to sew some more curtains...


Anonymous said...

Great photo of Vinnie. He's pretty cute!! Tiger reminds me of Barney. Your aprons were really nifty! Bet they were thrilled. Can't believe how big Jaelyn's become! She is just beautiful! Hayley is pretty cute too!! Hope the snow doesn't's so much nicer without it. It's rained here all day - but I'll take it over snow any day of the week!! ...debbie

PatQ said...

You are so talented! I might be retiring in March. Then I'll have lots of time to come visit!

angie said...

Hi Barb,

Happy New Year to you and Steve! I took a long break from blogging so I missed a couple of your updates.

Hope all is well.

We're a few months away from being your (closer) neighbor! :)