Sunday, January 30, 2011

Amy & Steve cross country skiing
Me wearing the new snowshoes
We are driving home from the farm after having a great weekend with daughter Amy. She took off from work on Friday so we could drive up together. We spent Friday night relaxing in front of the fire after a meal of ravioli, garlic sourdough bread & corn. It really hits the spot to have a warm meal while waiting for the barn to warm up from 40 degrees. We keep the radiant floor heat at the lowest setting the thermostat will go  while we're not there, which is 40. Takes a few hours to bring the temp up to a comfortable level.

Saturday morning after breakfast, we got on our skis (Steve & Amy) and snowshoes (me) and headed outdoors. The sky was a dull gray and it looked like it could snow, but it didn’t. Both Brutus (Jim & Nancy’s dog) and Shep (soon to be our dog), ran along with us. Both the dogs & we were worn out by the time we quit for lunch. After lunch & some relaxing reading time, Steve & Amy went back out to ski & I went up to visit Lizzie. We had a good talk. The oldest girls showed me the quilts they are working on which are beautiful. When I got ready to leave, Lizzie followed me onto the porch to talk. She doesn’t want to talk about the pregnancy in front of the kids. I gave her some dietary advice for gestational diabetes. She only tests sometimes and with the urine strips. She said she only had three left, so we bought her more in town when we went to eat dinner. I left them on the porch today while we were outside & they were at church. I know that she would try to pay me and I didn’t want her too.

Shep playing in the snow  
After dinner at The Driftless Café, we walked over to Parrish Music store for a concert by fingerstyle guitarist Eric Lugosch. It was great music and I talked to Catherine, one of the owners. They also came to Viroqua from Illinois about five years ago. Steve is interested in taking guitar lessons there when he is up here full time. I am still thinking about fiddle lessons, too.
This morning Shep was waiting outside on the steps for us. He followed us around the whole time and hung out until the neighbors got home from church about 2:30. He is such a good dog. I can’t wait until he is ours. I know how hard it will be to train him, but I know it can be done. He is used to running around outside all day & night. I’m sure he’s not housebroken and know it will be a while until I can get him comfortable coming in the house. I also know that he will “disappear” when they get another dog if we don’t take him & they are ready for a “seeing” dog.
First thing this morning, Kristin texted me & let me know a snow storm was predicted for Tuesday. Fifteen to eighteen inches of blowing snow. I am supposed to drive down that day to see them & stay for the week while Steve is on a Utah ski trip. My drive has now been moved to Monday. Things will be hectic tomorrow morning to get things done at work (like payroll & bill paying) before I go. Steve will have to take Mia to my sister’s house Tuesday morning before he goes to the airport. I hope his flight isn't delayed. I am looking forward to spending time with everyone for the whole week. They are keeping Jaelyn home from daycare for me. I may be shoveling during her naps :-).

I ordered most of my seeds last week. Most of them from Seed Savers Exchange and some from Peaceful Valley and  Territorial Seed Company. I hope starting them the first part of April will be early enough. I look forward to doing that for the first time at the farm. There will be many “firsts” this year.  To be able to be in the garden every day is already a comfort just thinking about it. A garden of neglect is what we’ve had for three years. I also feel like I will have to limit my internet time when I am up there all the time. It is too easy to be connected and lose track of time. I have so many hobbies & things I want to get done, that I can’t let myself be sucked in by the great world wide web. Of course there will always be time to "Skype” with the family and write the blog posts. One of the things that I believe that I will benefit from is eliminating the driving stress every weekend.  It takes a long time for me to wind down on Sundays after our drive home. I am hoping that my system will appreciate the much needed reprieve from eight and a half hours of driving each weekend. Just wish that Steve didn't have to.
To everyone in the path of the snowstorm, be safe. Stay warm. And go play in the snow!

Amy playing with Shep
Eric playing some great guitar.
A monotone day


Nancy said...

You look so cute in your new snowshoes, Barb. I need to get some that fit me. My husband's are just too big.

We are bracing for the storm here too. I'll be very busy today getting ready, like you.

Stay warm and safe. This too shall pass!

Anonymous said...

Barb, you look like a cute little kiddo in those snowshoes and all bundled up!! Shep is a cute little dog. Can't believe he'd just dissapear when they got their new dog...what happened to forever homes??Glad you want him...debbie

Judy said...

I haven't skied yet. I only snowshoe while my husband puts on the skies. We are supposed to head to Janesville to meet some family for dinner. I don't think that will be happening.

Jenna Gayle said...

I have been wanting to learn the fiddle for years! I think you should try... then yall can sit around the fire making music together!! :) My, that sounds nice!

Trisha said...

Drive safe! I wonder if we'll even get the snow they say? But we're hoping for a snow day!

Barb and Steve said...

Thanks everyone...hope you can all stay out of the bad weather. I made it to Kristin's :-)
Debbie...the Amish don't treat their animals like pets. Therefore, they are easily replaced. it is sad, but that is their way of life.
Jenna...that is exactly how I picture it :-)

PatQ said...

Okay, I already love Shep! I am officially offering my services in case you need a babysitter. What a beautiful dog, you can train him. Hopefully this spring I'll be able to come up for a weekend.

Barb and Steve said...

Pat...I love him too. You can come up anytime.