Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Am I Naive?

Ok...so have you  "Googled" yourself lately all my fellow bloggers? I did the other day & was surprised that my blog came up as the first hit. Why was I surprised? I guess I thought that since I don't reveal my identity in the blog posts or profile, that it was private information. Not that I have anything to hide....but I have always thought that your name was more concealed than that. Hmmm. Try it & let me know if you find the same thing. I post on blogger. I wonder if this is an issue on other blog host sites like Word Press, etc.?

In other news...here is a picture of the medicine cabinet & mirror that we installed this weekend. Also the new color & light fixture in the bathroom.

Still need to buy a matching knob for the medicine cabinet & another LED bulb for the light fixture.

Steve has now caught my cold & is feeling pretty miserable. He was in the city most of the day measuring a job. We just got through watching an episode of "Northern Exposure" and now he is in bed. Sleep will help (and dreaming of running away to Alaska :-),  I'm sure.

I spend the day setting up payroll in Quickbooks. Still not done. We have always had the accountant do payroll, but are trying to save $$ by doing it ourselves now. Tomorrow I will call Quickbooks to get answers to a few question & then it should be all set.

Tonight before we watched Northern Exposure, I exercised a bit. Now that I can breathe again, I have some energy :-). Steve started working out last week (to get ready for ski season) and I am working out for gardening season :-). (well, biking season, too).

Well, I have to get some sleep if I am to be on the phone to India tomorrow. Yes...that's where the calls end up for customer service. Hope you all have a good night!


SkippyMom said...

The bathroom is coming along nicely. Just beautiful.

I don't know how it happened besides you do sell stuff too - I googled myself after you mentioned - I have a pretty unique name - and nope, nothing. Not even my facebook.

Take care and have a great week.

Scarlett the Heavenly Healer said...

I think you come up on Google because Blogger is part of Google. Other search engines might be different. It's not naive, it's just a bit surprising when you first realise this!

Nancy said...

I have googled myself (that just sounds funny) and it wasn't a surprise what came up. When you've been on the Interwebs as long as me, that's just part of gig.

Love you bathroom, Barb. Green is definitely my favorite color! Well done!

Anonymous said...

I have never googled myself, but will here in a minute to see what might be there. What kind of wood is your bathroom medicine cabinet? It's pretty. Reminds me of the wood in our Mountain house. I forget what it is, but I like it. All the doors are hand made and so pretty....debbie

Anonymous said...

BARB!!! holy cow, I just googled myself and I feel ill...see my post...debbie

Lynn said...

I googled and did not find myself even though I do have a Facebook page.

Great looking medicine cabinet and mirror.

Barb and Steve said...

Hi Debby...the wood is Hickory. Thanks!
So maybe linking my blog to the Facebook page or selling things with PayPal? Not sure, but still don't really care for it. I have Googled myself in the past & the blog didn't come up. I just hope that people that use initials to hide their identities realize that nothing is private on the internet :-(

fullfreezer said...

I periodically google myself to see what's out there. There are actually several people with my name out there but I always come up first- mostly from work stuff. I have never seen my blog come up with my name but then I'm not on Facebook or any other social media. I don't use my last name on the blog or even the first names of any of my family for privacy reasons.