Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting an Order Ready

Today, I sat down & worked on an order for the farm. While doing that, I decided to make a master list of all the trees, bushes and perennials we've planted since we bought the farm. I feel like I am a little more organized now :-).  So before I tell you what I am ordering, I'll share the list of things already planted.

The first year was 2007. It was a planning year, walking around, deciding what to do and working on the major challenges we faced (landscaping, well, septic, electric & plumbing) as well as deciding what the layout of the house would be. In the spring of 2008, we planted the garden (almost the size of a football field) and started planting our edibles. Edibles? Yes, almost everything we plant is or will be edible. This is a permaculture principle. Here is the list...

Antanovka Apple root stock 25
Montmorency Cherry trees 5
Luscious Pear trees 5
Korean Pine Nut trees 25
Common Purple Lilac 10
American Cranberry Bush 10
Nanking Cherry 10
Rugosa Roses bushes 10 (rose hips)
   Chippewa 8
   North Country 8
   Polaris 8
Jerusalem Artichokes
Rhubarb (didn't live)
Many herbs

Hazelnuts 100
Chestnuts 10
Black Alder 2 (non-edible but great for coppicing)
Sugar Maples 10 (someday, probably not in our lifetime, maple syrup)
Staghorn Sumac 3 -lemonade-type drink from the crushed fruit
Red Osier Dogwood 10 (decorative)
Northern Gold Forsythia 2 (decorative)
    Northeaster 25
    Jewel 25
    Annapolis 25
    Ozark 25 (everbearing)
   Boyne 6
   Autumn Bliss 6
Illini Blackberries 6
Jostaberry 2
Pixwell Gooseberry 4
Paw Paw 3
Russian Olive 4
Siberian Pea Shrub 4
Aronia 10

That brings me to this year's order (so far)
Polaris Blueberry 12 (the best producer in comparison to the others I planted)
Rhubarb-Canada Red & Victoria. 1 each
Sea Buckthorn-Leikora  1
Sea Buckthorn-Male 1
Aromatnaya Quince 1
Ligonberry 3
Current-Red Lake Red Current 1 & Ben Sarek Black Current 1
Kiwi (the ones I ordered last year didn't make it into the ground)

There are other plants & trees I will be ordering or propagating too. I would love some willow trees and poplar for coppicing, osage orange for fence lines, ground covers for areas we do not want to mow anymore and hostas for our very shady north side of the barn. If I could figure out an edible for the north side, that would be great. Any ideas?
We are also thinking about ordering more hazelnut bushes. We would consider that one of our cash crops in a few years along with the garlic. Oh, and more apple scions to graft this spring.

Enough about I need to figure out the seed order :-)


Melody said...

Thanks for posting this! I just love seeing what other folks are ordering.

Nancy said...

Our walking onions seem to do very well on the north side of our house. Just a thought.

You've been very busy these past few years. We went gangbusters right after we moved to the farm but have run out of room and are now just trying to enjoy what we have.

Interesting list -- I'll be anxious to see how the different plants do in your region. :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I agree with Nancy--You have been busy and have more great plans for the coming year! I just love looking through seed books and reading about plants on the internet--It really helps on these cold winter days!

qandlequeen said...

I read with envy what you're doing with your land. I live in a tiny rental house with a dreadful yard. So much work needs to be done that I just resort to planters and pretend the rest isn't there.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe you have all that planted, however, I do recall you posting from time to time that you have planted all those trees. It will be fun to add to the property once your able to move in. Give some thought to a Service Berry Tree. They are a beautiful decorative beauty!...debbie

Anonymous said...

What an impressive list!!
I too have more and more started to have edibles (or deadly piousness plants :-) ) in my garden. But since I will avoid to get the Spanish forest snail into the area (it eats everything and has no natural enemies here ) I will sow most of what I want.

This year I´ll sow Pawpaw, Black walnut, Prunus pumila, Eleagnus multiflora (I´m not sure about the english names)and one more that I just can´t find at the moment :-)

Have a great day now!

Jenna Gayle said...

Holy crap y'all have done a lot!! I'm chugging away at my seed order, too. So many catalogs and so, so many great seeds!! I think I've decided on Southern Exposure Seed Exchange :)

No ideas on what to plant in the Northern area, but good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your list! Much of it is familiar. It is fun to experiment with so many new things. We planted high bush cranberries (45 of them) last year and when our friend heard about it she practically fell on the floor laughing. She said they were the worst fruit she ever tasted! We hope that if they survive the deer that they will be lovely in chutney.