Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fun Week & a Johnny's Order

Tomorrow I leave my daughter's house after a week of fun (and a blizzard). I will really miss being here. Jaelyn is growing up fast. Such a cute personality! The expressions that she makes are priceless. She has also been learning some new words like gama (yea!), Elmo and nana (banana).
The paparazzi has been following her around all week :-)

Playing with Mommy
 As much as I hate to leave, I really miss Steve. He was supposed to go to Utah skiing but his flight was canceled due to the blizzard. So I have been here having fun and he has been stuck at work. (am excited that he is working on our farm kitchen though :-) We hope he can reschedule soon.
Tomorrow is also Super Bowl Sunday. It will be exciting since the Packers are playing. My niece is having a party and has shared a recipe she is making on her blog here.

I am babysitting tonight while Kristin & Tim are out to eat with friends. Jaelyn is in bed, so I decided to place my order with Johnny's Selected Seeds. For a couple years, I have wanted to use floating row covers for the garden, but it hasn't been practical to do so considering we have been traveling back & forth between the farm in Wisconsin & our Illinois home. Since I will be at the farm this spring on a steadier basis, I will be able to tend to the garden and try new things. Here is what I ordered...
Agribon+ AG-19 Floating Row Cover - 83" x 50'
Anchoring Pins Fabric Staples
Hoop Loops 
Agribon+ AG-15 Insect Barrier - 118" x 50'
Pea, Lentil, and Vetch Inoculant (OG)

I anticipate a busy spring at the farm and am excited to dig into the many projects waiting to get started. There are so many things we have wanted to do but just haven't had the time. Rain barrels are on the list. We bought the barrels a couple years ago but haven't used them yet. I take that back. Two of them have scrap wood stored in them & one has gardening tools in it :-). I looked at a site tonight called Aqua Barrels and found this For those of you that are looking for a way to camouflage your water barrel, this is a technique that uses tree branches & plants as templates for spray painting.

Enough for now...gotta get a good night's sleep for the drive tomorrow.   Go Packers!


Lois Evensen said...


I hope the drive is safe and you're happy with whatever happens today at the Super Bowl. ;)


Nancy said...

Your granddaughter is so cute in those glasses!

I'm getting the gardening itch myself, Barb. I haven't ordered anything this year -- I'm going to wait and see what I've got coming up before I do.

Have fun today!

fullfreezer said...

Ooo, floating row covers are on my wish list as well. I had hoped for them for the holidays but no luck. Maybe I'll have to get myself an early birthday present.
Have a safe drive and enjoy the game.

Stone Cottage Mama said...

What a sweetie-pie she is! Love the sunglasses.

Thank you for sharing what you bought at Johnny's! Bo and I have been talking about hoop houses but keep thinking they are expensive. Looking at that sight, I realize that they might be in our price range (ps: that first link is wrong).

Love the rain barrel, I am going to remember that!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine it was hard tearing yourself away from Jaelyn. Sorry to hear that Steve's skiing trip was cancelled. We were supposed to get some snow but got NONE!! yea! I really liked what someone did to the rain barrels! that was neat! And so easy to do....debbie