Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shep waiting patiently for me.

Another good weekend at the farm. Friday’s trip started with lunch with Steve’s dad. We went to Shawn‘s in Sycamore. They have great sandwiches, cookies (like seven different kinds) & always a different yummy flavor of coffee . We try to have lunch with his dad whenever we are on the way to the farm. My dad died in 1985 and I consider Joe (Steve’s dad), my dad too. After our lunch, he was heading to the nursing home to volunteer with his dog Angie.  He goes at least once a week since Hilda died.

Saturday morning Steve went out cross country skiing for a while and then we both had a session with Harry getting myofacial release work done. This was my second time and Steve’s first. He loved it. It was like all his stress was gone when he was done. We made an appointment for next weekend, too.
After Harry left, Steve went to our neighbors and helped stack some firewood while I went to visit Eli & Lizzie. They just got back from Indiana for a wedding and were pretty tired. They met some pretty interesting people on the bus. Not ones they cared to meet either. A few drunks, a few that had pot. I really think that they feel that most of the "English" are a bit crazy. :-)
At sunset, I went out snowshoeing. It was so beautiful. And the temps were very mild. Shep met me on the hill of the driveway after I got the mail. I can’t wait until he is ours. The first thing I will do is take him to the holistic vet in town. I would like to know his age and if there is anything we can do without surgery to help the cataracts. I have heard of drops that might work to dissolve them, so that might be an option.

Saturday's sunset.

Saturday night we watched a few programs on Hulu and went to bed early. We even slept in today.  While I made a breakfast of hash browns, eggs & toast, Steve went out skiing again. We knew the temps were creeping up into the 40’s today, and in the 50’s by the end of the week so he wanted to get out while the snow was still good.

Some good news about his Utah ski trip. He was able to reschedule for the first week in March. He is thrilled and so am I. I’ll be heading back to see my daughter’s family again. Let’s hope the weather cooperates this time. No more blizzards, please.

We did get something done as far as work goes this weekend. Steve put up two ceiling lights and I went through all the potatoes we have stored and made hash browns out of some of them and then froze them. The rest (two burlap bags full) look great. We should have potatoes to eat until the new potatoes are ready this spring.We did have to compost several winter squash that were stored in the basement. Temps went down to -15 last week & it must have gotten below freezing down there. The stored onions look fine though. We also went over the kitchen plans and re-measured for the counter top.  Things are coming together, falling into place. I am so looking forward to unpacking the kitchen stuff that is in the attic and putting it away. It'll be like Christmas, seeing all of it again. :-)
I never get tired of the view.

I think I'm wound down enough to fall asleep now. It always takes a while after our drive home. Good night & have a great week!


Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

i have missed your posts for a while now and read back several just now...regarding shep. i cannot believe he is left outside in this weather. no, you will not have problems bringing him in unless he was chastised in his puppyhood for trying to enter the house. but i am sure it will work out if you want it to. he looks so sweet and obviously wants so badly to be with you and steve. i hope this transistion happens soon. he deserves the best of care.

Happy Days said...

Happy Valentines Day!! The Sun setting photos are just beautiful. I can see why you'd never tire of THAT!! The picture of Shep is so cute and he is a darling dog. I'm so glad your going to adopt him. I'm sad they keep him outside all the time. Wont be long!! ...debbie

Trisha said...

So happy that Steve get to "redo" his trip!
I'm taking Noelle to Shawns for lunch this week. Shes getting out of school for a dentist appt. & thought we should treat us to some lunch before heading back to school :)

thecottagebythecranelakeolof1 said...

Beautiful sunset photos!

Sounds like a great weekend! I didn´t know that there might be eye drops to help with cataract! If You get some and they work please tell me, all my dogs has gotten cataracts in the past and since almost all comes from the same family I´m pretty sure it will hit my two old boys too.

Have a great day now!

the wild magnolia said...

Great sharing, fabulous photos!


Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

That picture of Shep just tugs at my heart. I can't wait until he is your forever puppy! He is so sweet. :)

Lois Evensen said...

The images are wonderful and thanks for the update. All seems well which is good. Happy Valentine's Day!

Carol............. said...

Shep looks lonely and cold! LOL