Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend at the Farm

We had a nice weekend at the farm. Not too busy, but got a few things done. Steve went on a tour of two  area sawmills Saturday morning while I went to the co-op & then sorted through some things in the attic. After lunch we headed up to Eli & Lizzie's to drop off a couple barrels of scrap wood from the shop. Lizzie was in town at the farmer's market so I went in & talked to Lavina (one of the twins). She was working on the quilt they had started the day of the barn frolic. It is a beautiful quilt. Mostly black with a deep purple border. Very intricate stitching. They call it a "Sunday " quilt because they put it on the bed when they have church at their house to make things look nicer. They will be working on a baby quilt next. I also asked about the recipe for the pickled beets they gave us a few weeks ago. It has clove, sugar & vinegar in it. I will ask for the specific recipe again in the summer when I have some beets growing, so I can start making it then.
Eli was working on one of the wagons that was damaged in the tornado. Trying to get the cover back on & the frame straigtened up. The barn is "getting there". Still a lot of work to be done & not enough time to do it. Eli works off the farm doing construction so it leaves little time for his own projects.

For about a year, we have been talking about the kitchen plans. Here is a drawing of what the east wall will probably look like...

The plan for the east wall of the kitchen.

Steve did a little drywalling on Sunday morning. He finished the wall between the foyer & the kitchen & started working on the half wall leading into the kitchen.
This is the half wall looking into the kitchen area. In the background you can see part of the yellow scaffolding. That is the east wall.
 Since I needed to help him with some bigger sheets of drywall, I decided to stay inside and sew  instead of getting all the stakes out of the garden. I did go out & check on the garlic though. There are little sprouts poking out of the ground. So happy to see that. It was so dry after I planted that I was worried about how they would fair without rain. I guess all the straw I put on top after the initial watering worked fine.

It is getting harder & harder to leave the farm. I am so looking forward to spring.
Saturday's sunset over the woods.

Mia enjoying one of the wood stoves.


Anonymous said...

Your kitchen will look great when finished! I wish I could do something with my kitchen but my bathroom must come first I´m afraid.

Snowstorm here today and the snow will fall all night.

Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

When I was a girl, my paternal grandmother used to make pickled beets. Every year she would give me 4 jars, 2 for me and two for my maternal grandparents. I wasn't allowed to go to my maternal granmother's house until her beets were gone, or I would have eaten all four jars! My paternal grandmother hasn't grown beets in YEARS and doesn't even remember pickling, let alone the recipe. I would give just about anything to get her recipe, so if the one you have is great... please share it!

Nancy said...

I can only imagine how busy you both must be -- so much to be done to prepare for winter, plus working on the house.

Your kitchen plans are my dream kitchen -- I love the hutch. I imagine it in a sage green color, but I'm probably way off!

Can't wait to see it finished!

SkippyMom said...

Just lovely - the kitchen is going to be fabulous!

I like the sage green idea too Nancy - but that is because I have one, in sage hehee

Your kitty looks so comfy in front of the fire. I bet she loves the country too.

angie said...

Love the photo of Mia in front of the woodstove!

Woot! That drawing of your future kitchen is super exciting!

Barb and Steve said...

Christer...hope you don't get buried in the snow :-)
Tiny Tyrant...I'll be sure to share the recipe next summer.
Nancy...I love sage green. The cabinets will all be natural pine, but putting a color on the hutch would look great.
Mia does love it at the farm. she hasn't caught any mice lately though. the new garage door keep them out better.

Barb and Steve said...

Thanks Angie. Can't wait for the construction on that to begin.

Anonymous said...

I like what you've got for the kitchen so far! Lots of cabinets and a little hutch! cute, cute!! Mia looks so comfy! ...debbie