Friday, October 29, 2010

Woo Hoo!

The wood stoves are in! So exciting for us to have this step done. We have had one wood stove (Heritage) in the "cabin room" that we have lived in for 3 years. That was put in right after we bought the farm. It is now moved to it's new home in the new living space. The one we bought on Craigslist (Phoenix) is set up in the cabin room now. Thad & Tim from Center Stove & Fireplace were here at 10am and got busy setting up the Phoenix.
Thad putting on the heat shield.
The Phoenix

That was the easier of the installations. The existing pipe fit right into the back of the stove with no adjustments. The Heritage was a new install so they had to go in the attic to cut a hole in the roof and a hole in the ceiling, etc., etc.
Tim cutting the hole in the ceiling. (Mia is supervising :-)
While they were here, I baked up a storm. First chocolate chip cookies. Then zucchini apple bread. Next I chopped up veggies & threw them in the crock pot for dinner and then a pumpkin pie. Of course I shared the cookies along with coffee with Thad & Tim. They were so nice about explaining what they were doing & went over & above what they had to do. We had a little rust around the pipe on the Heritage & Thad painted that. They also re-attached a piece of metal (a patch from the wood stove pipe that was here before we moved in) on the roof that came loose with the winds the other night. No more clanging noise, yea!
They also put on a new stove pipe cap to replace the one that blew off in the tornado in August. We should be all set now.
Steve will be here in an hour. I will have both wood stoves going when he gets here :-). Can't wait to see his face when he sees how great the wood stove looks with the river rock walls.
Ready for a fire.


2 Tramps said...

Your stoves look just great! The river rock is so beautiful and will help retain heat. It will be very cozy for you this winter!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Oh you'll love it! And it looks great!!

PatQ said...

I'm so happy for you. They look beautiful! I still can't wait to see it. I think we should do a girls weekend and just knit and bake!

Sharlene T. said...

They are gorgeous! Love the stone wall... You must be tickled to death over this change...

Anonymous said...

Really nice stoves! It´s the best thing one can have in a home :-) I love my stove in the kitchen! If I could stay home all day I wouldn´t need any other source of heating my little cottage.

Enjoy them and Happy Halloween!

All Natural Mama said...

Awesome! We just got an accepted offer on a farmhouse and one of the first orders of business is wood stoves! I read that you bought it used - weren't you nervous doing it this way? Scared that something would be wrong with it?
We're not going to have a huge budget, so buying used would be nice... but makes me a bit nervous!
Any suggestions?

Barb and Steve said...

Thanks everyone!
Pat...I can picture us knitting in front of the fire in our rocking chairs (I do have 2 up here :-)Girls weekend sounds great!
Hi Penny...yesterday the installer said there isn't much that can be wrong with a wood stove, mostly new gaskets for the door. Look for a good brand & you should be alright. Excited for you! Can't wait to read more!

fullfreezer said...

Looking fabulous!!! We're hoping to put on an addition where we will have either a woodstove or a fireplace.
I love to see how your place is coming together!!

Edain said...

They look great!

You will so enjoy sitting by them, watching the flames when the cold weather sets in.

So happy for you! :)

the wild magnolia said...

Just in time for winter, the stoves are ready to warm your space.


Nancy @ el vigilante said...

I can see you reading in front of your stove this winter, all snuggled up in an old rocker.

Great job. :)

Anonymous said...

Your stoves look FANTASTIC!! Really like them!! They should keep you plenty warm in the winter! I can see you now, knitting somthing for Jalyn with your little kitty sitting not too far away! they really look great!...debbie

angie said...

Hi Barb,

Yea! It looks great! I showed it Bill (who we are convinced was a stone mason in a previous life) and he said, "wow, they did a really great job on the stone."

Let the snow fly!