Thursday, October 28, 2010

Almond Milk Recipe

This is the recipe I use for fresh almond milk. It is so good. I'm not much for consuming dairy in it's pasteurized state, which is about the only way you can get it in stores in most states. Dairy has contributed to my asthma symptoms for a huge part of my life. When I quit dairy cold turkey, my asthma went away. I also started eating a raw food diet then with no preservatives or cooked foods. I gradually started to eat some cheese with the result of being wheezy the next morning.  Raw goat cheese doesn't cause that, neither does, Kefir made with raw milk. Pasteurization destroys the good bacteria in dairy. So if you know someone with asthma (and most of us do), please consider mentioning eliminating dairy from their diet. Anyway, here is the recipe...

Almond Milk

One cup (before soaking) raw, organic almonds
soaked 8-12 hours, rinsed and drained (about 1 1/2 cups after soaking)
3 cups water
4 pitted dates

Blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy. To separate the "milk" from the almond skins & pulp, squeeze through cheesecloth or a sprout bag. Serve at room temperature or chill. Keeps in the fridge for a couple days.
Instead of dates you could use maple syrup, carob or cinnamon for flavoring.
You can also use sesame, sunflower or Brazil nuts instead of the almonds if you want.
If you would like Almond Cream, use 2 cups of water.

I am planning on using the pulp (after I dehydrate it an put it through the food processor) as flour in zucchini bread. I'll let you know how that turns out.
Almonds, almond milk and pulp

On the home front, it is still windy, but has died down a lot since the 67 mph gusts this afternoon. So I spent another day indoors, in the kitchen. Today I made Nanking Cherry Jelly and Peach Raspberry Jam. I also cut up onions to dehydrate and made Elderberry syrup, a great cold & flu preventative. Tomorrow is a busy day. Laundry, baking & cleaning up the workshop area. Friday is the wood stove installation. Can't wait to see the wood stove sitting there in front of the river rock walls.


SkippyMom said...

I have a friend that is on a weight loss journey and just started working at a raw food restaurant. I will give her this link. I know she would love to make her own almond milk. Thanks for sharing.

PS - We grew up drinking unpastuerized milk - and LOOK! still here! I don't like store bought milk but short of buying a share in a cow [only way to do it in VA] we can't purchase it here.

Anonymous said...

We can't purchase raw milk in stores in WV either, but there are plenty of Dairy farm around who will. I've never had any myself. What great information to know in case I know someone with allergies!! ...debbie

angie said...

Hi Barb,

What is Nanking Cherry jam?

angie said...

I mean jelly.

and I like the new photo in your header!

Nancy @ el vigilante said...

Love the fact you use everything! Never thought of using the dehydrated pulp for making bread. Ingenious! Let us know how that works out. (I hate to throw anything away!)

PatQ said...

I'm keeping this recipe. I love almonds!

Barb and Steve said...

Hi Angieu ...Nanking cherries are a bush cherry. We planted 15 of them. they flower in the spring & then the cherries. You can eat them right off the tree. Kind of in between sweet & sour.

Sharlene T. said...

Wow! What a great recipe.. Gonna have to try this, for sure... And,who'd a thunk to use the leftovers for flour... You are too cool! Thanks for sharing...