Friday, October 8, 2010

Garage Doors Are In!

I just came in from looking at the stars. It is a clear, moonless night here is Wisconsin. We have very little artificial light sources around, so we usually get a great show. It is 9pm and I am tired. I was in the garden at 10am & except for a half hour lunch break, I worked until 6pm. All the garlic is planted, watered & straw on top. This has been a three day project. Way more time than I thought it would take. Today was the most intense day as far as planting though. Thirty different kinds. One-thousand, three-hundred eighty cloves. Planted 6 to 8 inches apart. People will start to call me the crazy garlic lady pretty soon. :-) I really hope to make a business out out of selling garlic, both to eat and to plant. Every year, the amount I plant gets bigger & I add more varieties. You figure each clove makes a bulb, which has anywhere from 5-10 cloves per bulb. I could have 5 to 10 thousand cloves next year to plant. Now that is crazy! No really...I have to start working on a business plan for selling the garlic. I do sell some now, but not near enough to make serious money.
Garlic after planting before straw covering
Isn't this the cutest baby mouse? I was loading the straw into wagon, I uncovered this nest of mouse babies. No mama around, just babies. After taking a few pics, I covered them back up. Yes, I know they will end up in the house. A killer I am not.
On Tuesday our garage doors were installed. Wow, so nice. We still have to take down the old metal sliding barn doors (good to use for an alpaca structure :-). We got the cross buck style that goes well with the barn.
We still need to finish the trim on top.
Once the steel doors are removed & the new "people door is installed, the front will be done.
Let's see, what else have I done this week...
We've had a frost but the garden hasn't been affected. I cut some more Chocolate Mint, brought in a pumpkin & a Long Island Cheese Squash. Picked some rose hips. That's about it. No more tomatoes or peppers. 
Tomorrow I hope to plant winter rye behind the garlic bed and off to one side of it, dig more potatoes & leeks. I also have onions to dice for dehydrating & maybe some leeks.
Next week there might be a barn raising at Eli & Lizzie's. Wish I could be here for that. 
In a few weeks, the wood stove will be moved into the new living area & the used one we bought on Craigslist will take it's place in the "cabin room". Have to get busy with the river rock install in the new living area. A lot of changes this fall!
Work is still busy & stressful. We also have a non-paying customer we are dealing with. He owes us a lot of money. He isn't paying the contractor or designer either. This is very stressful. We don't want to use a collection agency, but might have to go that route. Half is better than none. Hmmm. I hate when real life interferes with our idyllic farm life.
Hope everyone is having a great week!


Nancy@el vigilante said...

Sounds like you are a busy lady! I feel guilty that I only have about a quart jar of wild garlic seeds to plant -- I need to get on that this weekend. Are you planning on selling your garlic at a Farmer's Market or online or both? Excited to hear how that progresses for you.

SkippyMom said...

I would love to purchase some garlic. Can you ship it? YUM [my MIL would love me forever - well she already does, but this would just seal the deal. She's Italian.]

The doors look great. Nice choice.

Roundabout said...

Sounds like a lot of work!! But your garlic is so yummy its worth the time. Its the only garlic I used in my pesto this summer. The best!

Barb and Steve said...

Hi Nancy...hopefully both with maybe a restaurant or two thrown in.
Hi Skippy Mom...I will sent you much do you want, etc?

Thanks Trisha! You will have to come visit soon :-)

angie said...

Hi Barb,

Good job! The doors look great!

Keep planting - I hope I can buy all of my garlic for seed from you next year? Garlic is going to be our main crop, at least starting out. I assume you have some good hardneck varieties in that bunch? :)

Barb and Steve said...

Hi Angie...I have 20 hardneck & 10 softneck varieties. Growing garlic really is addicting :-)

sheila from life @ #17 said...

okay, you can come sit by me since anybody who would cover the Baby Meeses back up to wait for their moma is somebody I like :)

Carol............. said...

Hmmmmm...can identify with you regarding the baby mice. Last week I actually chased one of my cats with a broom that was playing with one! Good grief..LOL

Jenna Gayle said...

I'm trying out garlic this year! Hopefully it will be a cold winter so that they'll do good. I still have another couple of weeks before I can put mine in the ground though.

Best of luck with your customer :)

Jenna Gayle said...

Oh, I bought my garlic from an individual grower on Have you checked out the possiblities of you selling there?