Monday, April 20, 2009

To Do List

I have a lot of things I want and need to get done this week. Here is the short list. First the outside projects...

1. Water trees just planted. This involves buckets & a lot of water. Oh, and the golf cart. The trees are planted in various locations all over the farm. Each will get about 2 gallons of water then should be good for a couple of days.

2. Plant strawberries.

3. Plant new raspberry & blackberry bushes. I'm going to transplant some existing raspberry bushes to the same area.

4. Rake the gravel that is now in the grass back into the driveway from the winter snow plowing.

5. Graft apple trees.

And inside...

1. Paint a curb-shopped bench.

2. Re-upholster a chair that was my grandparent's.

3. General clean-up and organization of the basement & upstairs.

4. Sand bottle neck gourds from last years garden.

5. Do writing homework.

Here is Steve on Saturday tilling the garden with the neighbor's tractor. He looks good on it, doesn't he?

I don't expect to get everything done this week, I am just hoping to :-).

I do want to let everyone know that Lizzie is doing fine. She is still resting as the midwife suggests. She does have placenta previa which will require her to have a cesarean section which I'm sure will be a hardship on the family. Keep them in your prayers.

Well, if I sit here writing any longer, I won't get started on that list.


jaz said...

hi barb...did you actually get that bench off the sidewalk? what a great find. please post pics of the bench and chair when you've finished them. check out the coffee table redo i did on my sidewalk find! i love projects like these. joyce

PatQ said...

That would take me all year! You go girl. Are you off this week too?

angie said...

Hi Barb,

Wishing you lots of community strength for the meetings tonight!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Lots to do I see! We use to say that trees should get 2,6 gallons of water every day the first week and after that perhaps twice a week for a month, even if it rains. Perhaps a bit over the edge but then we know for sure that they´ll survive. But don´t work to hard now, find time to enjoy life too :-)

SkippyMom said...

I would LOVE to grow gourds to use in crafts - but we live in a townhome and the backyard is specifically doggie space [especially now that we have Scooby :)]

Is it possible to container garden them, I wonder?

And I ADORE the curb shopped bench. I want! :)

Barb and Steve said...

Joyce..we did. People in our neighborhood in IL throw away great stuff. Most live in townhomes so they don't have room for new until they get rid of the old. Nice coffee table re-do!

Thanks Angie!

I'll enjoy myself too, thanks Christer!

SkippyMom...maybe a large pot with a trellis to train them up.

jaz said...

well...that is a great sidewalk find! it would be great to start a neighborhood movement where everyone would just sit things they don't need out on the sidewalk and we all could shop for free! i really hope you will show us what you do with these! joyce

Rabbit Hill Farm said...

Lovely furniture Barb. That home is going to be so gorgeous when you finish it.