Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CAFO-Township Meeting

Last night was the township meeting and there was a room full of people. At least citizens got to speak about the issues, unlike the county meeting earlier. Everyone in the room was concerned about the possible CAFO siting in our township (and county). A resolution was presented to the board stating an environmental impact statement be requested for Petry Trust through the DNR. After much discussion, the wording will be changed to any CAFO applying for a permit which seemed to please everyone. This will now be taken to the township lawyer for approval and sent to the DNR.

The morning meeting was frustrating. Here is a quote from this mornings Vernon County Broadcaster...
When the resolution was presented, Supervisor Francis Hynek said he had received information from the state that the county’s resolution would apply to every farm with more than 350 cows or cattle and cost each of those producers $300,000.“These people don’t have the money to have an impact statement,” Hynek said.
This statement was brought up at the township meeting last night when a board member brought up the same thing. (he serves on both boards) In response to that statement in the earlier meeting, one of the township residents had called the supposed source of the info that Supervisor Hynek used to make his point and the man denied every saying that to him. So the scare tactics continue. Most of the county board seems to be made up of area farmers. When hearing that they might be subject to the same $300,000 cost, of course they tabled the resolution. Here is a link to the whole story...

One of the most frightening things I heard last night is the size of the lagoon required for an operation of this size. Anywhere from 5 to 20 acres. Can you even imagine? Another is that Wisconsin law only requres a 350 foot setback from another property. Think about it. 350 feet from your property line to a 3200 animal factory farm. WISCONSIN. The "CAFO Friendly" state. Just think what it'll do for tourism.

I've met so many nice people by going to the meetings. We are all in this together and there is a comforting feeling of unity.


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

It seemes they don´t have backbones (we say like that if we think someone is a coward here in Sweden)in the council! Can´t understand why they had to table this?
Hope You´ll win this fight anyway!

lisa said...

Your in my prayers that you win..Keep updating even tho I don't comment that much just know that I'm following your updates..Lisa

angie said...

Hi Barb,

Oh, its all semantics, isn't it?! The difference between an EIS for a CAFO and a farm is the difference. The scare tactic phrase said farm - that is confusing the issue. The difference of 400 cows on a 200 acre farm and 400 cows confined - is a major difference. But, most people probably stopped listening after hearing that they might be forced to order a study which cost $300,000.