Tuesday, April 21, 2009

County Board Votes "No"

Well, I just got back from the county board meeting. They voted "no" to the Environmental Impact Study. I am still digesting this. They just don't get it, nor do I think they ever will.
Tonight is a township meeting at 7:30.
I'll write more after that.


jaz said...

wow...sorry to hear that. it is always about money. we fought a huge zoning battle here a while back and even took the developers to the state supreme court and lost. the council members are always playing the political game. they do favors in return for favors. i don't care what the issue is or where it is located the game is always played the same way. that is why when someone actually wins one of these battles hollywood turns it into a movie! good luck and at least you know you are fighting the good fight! joyce

Anonymous said...

Oh, trust me... they 'get it", but somewhere see the money in it for them or the county. Sorry to hear this.

You may need to contact Erin Brockovich.


Zan Asha said...

Wow Barb, I am so sorry :( I actually sort of throw my hands up--I am really annoyed at reading these stories about big corporations getting away with everything. What is wrong with this country?