Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last Weekend at the Farm

It was a busy weekend at the farm. The weather was cold & windy with snow showers. Of course that was Saturday, the day we had planned on putting in the big picture window. The reason we had planned to do that was because we were having company. Shane (our son) came up with us on Friday afternoon & Amy & Rob (daughter & boyfriend) came up on Saturday morning with Hero. We had help so the project went ahead as planned. Two windows were taken out & replaced by the new picture window.
This is something Steve & I would never have been able to do by ourselves. As the construction (and destruction) was taking place, the neighbor came over & offered the use of his tractor to make it easier to lift the window into place. Without that, we would have had to use two scaffoling sets & had a harder time with the whole process.
Pieces of siding & insulation had to be removed.Steve then got on the tractor to cut away the remaining siding.
Sparks were flying!
The opening is ready, now comes the hard part.
Like I said, Steve & I could never have done it ourselves! the other room Hero is enjoying the warm fire.
There really wasn't much for Amy and I to do that day except
play with Hero & take pictures.
Rob finished off insulating around the window & we were done for the day.
We all relaxed for a while & then went out to eat at our favorite restaurant in town. The pizza & beers were great. Then we stopped in for a drink at the bar where our neighbor Jim bartends on weekends. It has been a while since Steve & I have been at a bar. It was fun to experience the nightlife in town.

Sunday we worked on insulating the basement. Amy & I put the water heater blanket on and insulated pipes while Rob caulked the rigid insulation & Shane was cutting & installing the insulation. Steve took his turn caulking too. We are so thankful to have great kids and great friends!

It was time to clean up and go home. I always feel a little sad when we leave there. We always work hard when we are there, but it is a different feeling than the work at home. Everything that is accomplished there is so exciting. One step closer...

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