Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In Memory of Ginger

Ginger was our little baby. She was adopted at around 8 weeks old from a veterinary clinic. Someone had found her on the street. How could anyone do that to a cute little puppy like her?
She had the sweetest face.
Her best friend was our dog Mollie. As big as Mollie was, Ginger was still the boss.She liked to get into things, even the dishwasher!Ginger had surgery to remove her eye due to glaucoma. She was already blind due to cataracts and she was also deaf. At least she didn't have to get used to being blind after the surgery. Six months later, the other eye was removed for the same reason. She was a trooper though. She healed well & went on with her life.We took her to the farm with us. She liked taking walks with Steve. She never was as comfortable there as she was at home. I think all the strange smells of the farm bothered her.

This is her Christmas picture last year. We would put on her sweater when going for walks. She was getting thinner as time went by.

Sleeping up at the farm.
Ginger's last visit to the farm. As long as she was near us, she was happy.
The last picture we took in June of this year. Seventeen years old. She was so thin, not eating much & her back legs had lost strength. We knew it was time. The vet came to our house so she would be comfortable.
I'm sure she is in "doggie heaven" now running around with Mollie & chasing squirrels.

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