Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One More Project Done!

We have such a long list of projects at the farm. One of them is to get a guest area done sometime on the third floor. Right now, guests can stay in the room we used to stay in. We call that the "cabin room.". Someday it will probably be part of the shop area though, so we are making half of the third floor a livable area. Future plans are to put in a full bath (already roughed in for that), and have an open space which we can put dividers (screens) to separate bed areas. I will also use that space for my crafting projects and of course we can watch the beautiful sunsets up there too. So today, we had the ridge cap on the roof repaired. It wasn't as bad as we thought, but it was leaking into the attic when we had a blowing rain. Turns out that there wasn't foam under the ridge cap all the way across like there was supposed to be & that is why it leaked. So we didn't need a brand new cap after all, just a repair of the existing one.
What a great way to handle roofing projects.
At least it was in the 70's not the 90's today. This is the kind of project that you actually want to pay someone to do :-).
While we had that great piece of machinery around, I asked if they could get the big branch down that broke off the top of one of trees last August when the tornado came through. It has been hanging there right outside the picture window bugging me all this time :-). Well, now it's down.
Before and out of our reach to get it down.
On the way up to pull it loose.
Tomorrow, the work continues. We are having one inch of insulation blown onto the underside of the roof and knee walls. This will seal all the nooks & crannies (no more bat flying in) and give us a good base for finishing the insulation at a later time.
I really need to get some planting done. The potatoes, tomatoes, peppers & sunflowers are in but that's it. I thought I would get something done this morning , but I needed to rearrange everything stored up on the third floor before the insulation tomorrow morning. All of the boxes, etc. had to be moved to the center of the room. I had every intention of planting corn tonight but ended up weeding the garlic instead. Then, since the sun was setting and I was running out of daylight,  I went to buy eggs from Lizzie & talked to her & Eli for a while. The baby is doing great. Gaining weight & shows no effects from the pneumonia.
Tomorrow there is a chance storms all day so I'm not sure what I'll get done in the garden. It is lightening off to the southwest right now but not supposed to rain tonight :-(.
Chicken there was some squawking going on in the workshop. Wilma had flown the coop & was walking around on the floor. They are all taking turns perching on the edge of the brooder now. She is the first (that I've seen) on the floor. They are so goofy. I have been feeding them oatmeal every day in a pie tin and they go crazy! They hear my voice & they all come running over to see what I have in my hand for them. Okay, I will probably be called the "crazy chicken lady" and will try not to talk about them too much :-).
Hopefully, next time I blog, I 'll have more done in the garden...
Phoebe, & Cassie (on the edge of the brooder)


Michelle said...

Hahaha, love the crazy chicken lady comment! It made me laugh :)

Judy said...

I talked to our chickens all the time :)
Looks like things are really getting done there.

Anonymous said...

Looks like things are progressing pretty well there for you both. Nice that you could get the broken limb down! Pretty view from 3 rd floor! You might have to get some wire for the top of that so you won't be having to clean up chicken poop!! Chicken poop is great for roses...debbie

Barb and Steve said...

Ok, so I'm not so crazy with the chickens :-). Thanks Debbie...I didn't know that about rose bushes. I'll have to try it.

angie said...

Great news on the roof. You're right, that is the kind of job to hire out!

I look forward to hearing more about the chickens.

Anonymous said...

I see I´ve missed a lot lately! But I´ll start with the stinging nettles. Do You know that You can make a fantastic fertilizer of them too, that also can be sprayed on the plants to get rid of pests? If not comment on my blog and I´ll tell You how to do.

To bad they don´t treat their horses better!! Don´t they understand that they can die if they don´t get water all day long, especially on hot days?

I would love to have chickens but I feel I don´t have the time for them. So that´ll wait till I´m retired in about 18 years :-) :-)

Have You moved to the farm for good now?

That floor will be so nice to walk on when it´s finished!

I always say that we only have a few tornadoes and very weak ones to. Today they had several rather strong ones in northern Sweden!! More trees fell that ever and over 15 000 homes were without electricity. But thankfully no one died but one got rather seriously injured when a tree fell over him.

Have a great day!

Lois Evensen said...

I totally agree there are some jobs you should hire someone else to do!

Getting a better craft area put together is one of my dreams. Our third floor is currently occupied by our daughter, who is a very welcome member of our household. As much as I would like to have a craft area up there, I am glad she is there with us.