Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

That's part of the garlic growing in the foreground.
The temps were still in the 90's today.  I was outside working for all but about an hour of it. So many things to do. The garden being the main focus. I am almost done planting. Just a couple climbing beans left.  I would have finished but storm clouds started to move in tonight & I decided that putting up bamboo tee pees for the beans & peas on a metal ladder, wasn't such a good idea.

This is Johnny & Raman (?). I'm sorry, with 12 kids it's hard to remember all the names :-). They were filling the water cart before walking up the driveway for supper. I talked to Eli this morning about making sure the horses have enough water while they are in our pasture. He kind of talked over me & disagreed about the amount of water horses need.  I told him to make sure they always have water available. Not sure if he will do it, but if not, they won't be in our pasture any longer. We don't understand why they do this. Their horses are a part of their livelihood. Besides it is inhumane.
Last night while planting squash, I found huge foot prints in the garden. I actually called the neighbors to see if they could come over & see what they thought.
It's hard to tell from the picture, but that is a ruler & the print was 3 inches deep.
 Do you know how many hits come up about Bigfoot when you look up "huge animal print" :-)?
Well, Jim said it was a draft horse print. They put both hooves in the same print. So that brought up the fact that Eli hasn't finished the fence or gate yet. That has been going on for over a month. Well, actually it has been going on for four years as far as the animals (sheep, cows, horses & chickens) being where they aren't supposed to be (all over the property & mainly in the garden). We share our driveway with them. We bought from his brother & her sister & decided not to make them get their own driveway. So the only way to keep the animals on their property, is to put a gate up on the property line across the driveway. Eli says he needs one taller post for the gate & I offered to buy it today. He said someone he knows has one & he'll get it. Ugh! We'll see how fast he gets it.
(re-reading this ...I sound like a bi***. I'm really not. Really! Just been going on for so long with their promises of not letting the animals on our property, that it is frustrating.)
Okay. Rant done.
 I leave you with pics of bringing in the hay...

Raking the hay.
Picking it up to bring to the barn.


Trisha said...

You have ever right to rant! It would drive me a bit crazy having to "wait" for him to get it done! Your pics are so pretty ....can't wait to plan a time for us to come up :D

Anonymous said...

I agree! You have every right to rant! One could think that they would care more about their animals to be honest. Especially how they treat their horses makes me a bit angry!

I wrote about how to make nettle water today in my blog.
Have a great day!

Barb and Steve said...

Thanks...I am still bothered by being "brushed off" about the horses by Eli. Hopefully, he knew I was serious & will change his ways.
Trisha...come up anytime. I think you'll love it!

Saloma Furlong said...

Hello, I just discovered your blog. I would love it if you emailed me -- I think some of my cousins may be your neighbors. I'd love to find out. If so, then Amish people in that community is part of my memoir, "Why I Left the Amish."

The Amish I know (especially if it's in the community I am thinking of) can be very stubborn and do NOT like to be told what to do. If it's your land, you can set the ground rules, and they'll have to deal with it, or else take their horses off your land. My guess is they won't want to lose the pasture, so they'll probably do what you ask, but make it seem like they would have anyway. I say stand your ground.