Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is That a Tiny Crow I Hear?

Well, Bubbles has been crowing for a couple weeks now & is getting a deeper adult voice. What did I hear today after the throaty crow? Yes, a baby crow. Oh no. I think I have another rooster. Henrietta may be Henry after all. Out of all the chicks, she has the most prominent comb. Sometimes they say you can't  tell by that. But now the little crowing noise....
Henrietta now Henry?

Cassie (the youngest) a rooster too?
I am hoping that I am wrong. Most roosters don't get along with each other. In that case, I will have to find a new home (one that won't eat them) for the roosters. I hope someone will want to adopt the rare white & black Javas.
This weekend, instead of working on putting the coop together, we decided to expand their indoor living accommodations so they will have enough room while we are on vacation in a couple weeks. That way our pet sitter doesn't have to worry (and neither do we) about the chickens being outside.
This is how it looks now...
There is a door to get in on the side where Shep is. A couple higher perches make for happy chickens.
We also worked on the outside walls of the chicken run (screened in porch :-). That took most of the day Saturday into Sunday morning. Good thing we are providing the screened area. Tonight while looking to the west, I spotted an owl sitting in the bird tree. (a dead tree that the birds love to perch on). That and all the other predators around (eagles, hawks, coyotes, racoons, etc.) make me a bit nervous about letting them free range. I will of course, but not until they are older.
Here's Steve installing brackets on the corners after putting together the frame. After that we stapled hardware cloth on the bottom portion & chicken wire on the top.
 We're getting there. Who knew (except Judy ;-) that it would be so much work to build a coop.

We left early for home for a graduation party for our niece Lindsay. She graduated from high school & is heading for college to study veterinary medicine. Congratulations Lindsay!

Yesterday I weeded the garden, worked on weeding the blueberries which are overgrown with weeds & put up one last trellis for the peas I planted. I think I'm done planting now. The potatoes are growing great & I found my first potato bug last week. Yuck! It was a huge one, too.

Today it rained most of the day so I worked on some inside stuff. Froze the first batch of strawberries, cleaned the brooder, etc. There was a beautiful sunset thanks to the storm clouds breaking up...
This is the "bird tree" that the owl was in later on.
Have a great night...


Anonymous said...

Everyone is trying to get their Coops done!! lol Well darn, Hope Henretta stays Henretta!! Maybe she just like to pretend she's a rooster...I didn't know Owles liked little chickens?! Learn something new everyday. Nice to see Shep is going in and out nicely. Congratulations to your neice's Graduation. Good luck to her in Vet School - Wish her well.
Pretty sunset!! ...debbie

angie said...

An owl! How excellent!

I hope your niece moves to SW Wisc to practice upon graduation. (I know - years away... but that would be swell to have your family that just happens to be a veterinarian nearby.) :)

Barb and Steve said...

Thanks Debbie!
I hope she moves near us too Angie!

Lois Evensen said...

My goodness, you are busy! I love the image of the bird tree. So pretty.