Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What a Luxury!

The electricians are here working this morning, hooking up the double oven & all the outlets that weren't done before. I will be baking in a couple hours. Yesterday afternoon, I was in the attic unpacking some kitchen boxes and then washing dishes in the sink, in the kitchen. I knew while doing it that it would be the most enjoyable time I ever do dishes. Not bending over a utility sink in the basement is wonderful!
I promised you some pics. Here's a few...
The kitchen so far. There will eventually be a range hood over the stove top. Steve is working on the two drawers that are missing. The post above the bookshelf will be boxed in. Someday we will tackle the floor.
Here are the roll-out shelves in one of the pantry cabinets.  
The undermount sink. I love it! No rim to clean around.

The pantry cabinets are on the right. The open space will be a "hutch-type" cabinet. A drawer will be under the double oven. Someday maybe a white fridge.

Yesterday afternoon, Shep came in & laid down inside. A big step for him!

So, the electricians are done now...and I am heading to town for some butterscotch chips (no, not healthy) for Steve's oatmeal cookies.


Jenna Gayle said...

Oh, I'm jealous of your sink!! I have a pretty white procelain sink.... with rock hard water. I can NEVER get rid of those little marks the water leaves on the rims :(

fullfreezer said...

LOVE the kitchen. We just got an undermount sink as well and I'm loving it. And aren't those roll out shelves the best???
I can't wait to see what else you've got in store.

SharleneT said...

I am so going to copy you when I redo my kitchen. I'm so excited for you -- new kitchens make everything fun -- even on day 343 of same old-same old. Enjoy your kitchen and the butterscotch.

JC said...

Love that he came inside. Your kitchen looks marvelous,

Barb and Steve said...

Jenna...we have hard water too. I'll be wiping off spots a lot.
Thanks Judy...I love your new kitchen too!
Sharlene...I am really giddy with excitement over the kitchen! Thanks!
JC...he is getting more comfortable. So good to see the changes.

SkippyMom said...

I am perplexed why a couple of butterscotch chips in a cookie wouldn't be healthy?

As with everything in life moderation is the key. Why lament the addition of a mere sweet. They sound yummy.

Glad Shep is making his way into your home. He is a gorgeous pup.

s said...

Awww, sweet pic of Shep. Congrats on all the great progress, it's really looking lovely. I think I am officially becoming envious of double wall ovens. It's going on the (imaginary) list.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! your kitchen is GREAT!! I love everything! So much storage space! Very nice! counter-top and sink are really nice!! Pretty color. It's nice to see Shep came in a little ways.It won't be long he'll be underfoot!! ...debbie

Lois Evensen said...

Oooooh, a new kitchen where you can put things exactly where you want them and even remember for a while where they are. ;) I love all the storage space.

Are there any cookies left?


angie said...

Hi Barb,

Glad you are back!

Funny - I was going to ask about water too! The hard water at our church-turned-home is pretty hard my hair. I don't want to go the water softener route though. Are you guys just going to 'get used to it'?

angie said...

p.s. kitchen looks great and Shep looks pretty comfortable. :)

Have you thought about having a vet come to you instead of trying to take him into town?

Barb and Steve said...

We decided not to get a water softener. I'm starting to get used to the yucky feel of my hair :-(. I have found that washing in baking soda & rinsing with apple cider vinegar helps cut through the mineral deposits though.
I am going to call the holistic vet in town to see if she'll come out to the farm to examine Shep.
Thanks about the kitchen!

Sherry said...

Just stumbled on your blog and found it interesting. I love those pull out shelves in your kitchen.

Carol............. said...

The wood in your kitchen is absolutely beautiful!

Kitchens are THE place top be!