Monday, April 25, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have to Take a Break

Do you ever feel like you have been taken over by the Internet? Well I did. I decided I had too many other things to concentrate on & I needed a break. I've still been reading other people's blogs, just haven't wanted to devote the time to mine. It seems as so much has gone on since the last time I posted that it will take weeks to catch you up. I think I'll try shorter posts more often. Maybe that will work out for the best for right now.
A family update: We are going to be grandparents again! Kristin & Tim are expecting another girl in September! We are so excited! Jaelyn will have a little sister to play with. We are going to visit them this weekend for some much needed grandparent time.
An update on Shep (the dog we are adopting from the Amish): Shep is taking his time, getting comfortable with us. I put up a bell by the door that I ring when it is feeding time and he comes running. He's also just starting to  "hang out" with us this weekend. If we are outside, he'll come running up to us & stay around. It is a hopeful sign. After being around him and watching him run, I'm pretty sure he has hip dysplasia. He has that "bunny hop" run that is typical with that problem. Can't even attempt to bring him to the vet. I tried to put a leash on him & he coward & shook so bad it was pitiful. He is still not comfortable in the house, but in the last couple days, he's come in on his own when I clang his bowl or wave cheese under his nose :-). We've made cheese his reward for coming inside. Like most dogs, he LOVES cheese. So we will keep trying our best to make him our dog.
Eli & Lizzie news: A new baby boy at the Amish neighbors. Christian was born April 10th. Eli came over at two in the morning & woke us up to use the phone to call a neighbor of the midwife who is 40 minutes away. He then called his fried Ellie who came & took them there. Steve answered the door in his underwear :-) so I am sure he is the talk of the Amish community now :-0. The baby was born around noon & they were home by four. Baby & Lizzie are doing fine. Six boys & six girls. An even dozen.

What we've been doing at the farm: the kitchen! Every weekend, another stage of the kitchen is completed. Steve has one more cabinet to make (the hutch) , 3 drawer fronts, the toe kick & the moulding at the top & we will be complete. Today, the plumber is hooking up the stove top, dishwasher and ....... drum roll............the kitchen sink!!!! No more doing dishes in the utility sink in the basement. Tomorrow the electrician is coming to hook up the double oven. First thing out of the oven is Steve's favorite cookies. He will also be putting in the can lights & hooking up the rest of the outlets throught the house. I will be posting pictures after the plumber is done making a mess today.

There are so many other things to write about, but I need to get busy & get something done this morning. I'll leave you with a pic from the other morning....


Trisha said...

Yeah!!! Another girl in the family!! I'm so excited !!:)

We have to come up to the barn soon...I want to see all the progress in person :)

Anonymous said...

I think it is a good thing to take breaks from blogging every now and again!

So a new member on the way in Your family and a new one at Your neighbors too :-)

There is a medicine that helps against pain and inflammation in dogs (and horses) called Metacam here in Sweden. I think a vet can check out the american name if trying to. It´s put in the food and doesn´t seem to taste anything. One of my dogs takes it every day because he has arthritis. Not especially expensive either!

Have a great continuing of spring!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on another granddaughter!! How exciting! I'm sure Jaelyn will love being a big sister!!

I think once you are up there permanently Shep will feel more comfy with you and hang around permanently. He is such a pretty dog.

Congradulations to Eli and Lizzie, please tell her I am happy to hear all went well this time and 6 boys and 6 girls is a great number!!

Sounds like everything is finally taking shape and winding up! I know you'll be thrilled when you can finally move in. Hopefully the sale of the business will happen soon....debbie

Judy said...

Congrats on having another grandchild.

pam said...

I have missed your posts...I love hearing the latest news about the farm and your family. After years of having you just across the street, I count on the blog to keep up to date now.

Barb and Steve said...

Trisha...yes..another girl! Runs in the family, right? You will have to come up soon. I'll see you in May when we get the chickens.
Christer...I really needed a break. Thanks about the medicine for Shep. I'll look into that. I have a lot of herbs that I am looking into too.
Debbie...I will let Eli & Lizzie know. The baby is so cute. Keep your fingers crossed for us about the business.
Thanks Judy...the more the merrier!
Thanks Pam...I bet Steve caught Bob up today at the shop when he visited. :-) I';; try to post more often.

Michelle said...

You have a wonderful blog here! I am your newest follower!!