Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sick (again)

So really, body, what's up with this? I can't believe I'm sick again.  But I guess that's not totally true. Since we have moved from the townhouse last spring, exercise has been at a minimum, if at all. Also, our healthy diet, pretty much out the window. No, we are still vegetarian, but other than that, the diet has suffered. I went for years without getting a cold or flu. Now this year, first the flu, then this cold. I guess this body really needs a good detoxing, which is what I consider this to be. Steve & I have been talking over our lack of exercise & more crappy diet a lot. We have decided to start ordering fresh, organic veggies & fruits from a place called Timber Creek Farms Organics here in Illinois. They also deliver to other states, too if you are interested. We had this service in the past (pre-farm ownership) and loved it! They deliver right to your door. I don't know about you, but I hate to waste food, so I will use what they deliver. They have a produce box called the Picky Produce Box. They put in 5 items that they choose & you pick from a long list of just about any item you could want, to complete the box. I know it's not local, but we really need to start juicing to start feeling better. Steve has what we call his "winter cough" (chronic bronchitis) again. The only time it has completely gone away is when we were juicing fresh fruits & veggies. So we will be making our first order next week. Yesterday Jaelyn went home sick from daycare with a fever. Feel better my sweet baby Jae! Just the other day, Kristin got her webcam going & we got to see a video of Jaelyn almost live. We have the "live" thing figured out now, so maybe this weekend we can talk to her & see what her reaction is.

Since I was taking naps on & off all day yesterday, I didn't get the chance to post that it was Steve's birthday! It's that last birthday before the big 6-0 & I feel bad that I was sick for it. He did go out to eat with his dad though & we will be having breakfast with daughter Amy & her husband Rob tomorrow morning before heading to the farm. I hope to feel better this weekend so we can have a pizza at The Driftless Cafe in Viroqua.

Steve is out buying the paint for the bathroom right now. I guess even if it wasn't No VOC paint, I wouldn't be able to smell it with this cold. :-)

There are a few more things I wanted to post that I have just forgotten to do. One is, my niece Lindsay got accepted into Vanderbilt University in Tennessee! This is a great accomplishment! She wants to be a veterinarian so this is a great college to go to. Congrats Lindsay! Another niece Kellie's husband had a video and print interview with Yahoo about his photography. Here it is...
Congrats again Eric!  My nephew Andy (Lindsay's brother) just came back from studying in Lebanon for the semester and took some amazing photos that we got to see before Christmas. He also told us quite a bit about the culture, food, etc. Thanks Andy!
So many good family things going on now. Some day I will sit down & write about our many family members who have been on commercials or had a brush with fame. Fun!
Ok...Steve's back & it's time for my nap :-).
If I don't write again before New Year's, have a happy one!


Laura said...

I hope you are feeling better fast, I have hit the same wall this year, I was sick about a month ago with what seemed like a never ending cold, I thought good then I am done for the season and will have some immunity. Not so, I am sick again with a head and chest cold, although I think I hit this one quickly with lots of supplements and maybe just maybe is is less severe and going to be gone sooner, hopefully yours will be the same. Happy New Year!!

Roundabout said...

I don't know whats going around either. Addys still stuck with her cold & Noelle has been hit with the flu this Monday & has been on the couch ever since! Must be one of those years. Hope you guys are getting better!

Barb and Steve said...

Thanks Laura & Trisha. Here's to a healthy new year for you too.

Nancy said...

Sorry that you and Steve are not feeling well, Barb. There is alot of that stuff going around here too. My husband had a bad cold for awhile, but fortunately, I didn't catch it.

Happy Birthday to your hubby and your family must be so proud of those awesome young people.

Take care and get well. :)

PatQ said...

Happy New Year to you too Barb. I hope you're feeling better soon. You probably didn't get totally rid of that first bug. I'll see you next year.

Kelle said...

Soory to hear you are not feeling well. The fresh Organic produce will help build your immunity but we've found that by taking 5,000mg of D3 we're all healthy. PTL, No colds, flu or anything since 2009 and the D3 also helps with seasonal depression, due to lack of daylight in winter( which I suffered with terribly for years, but no so this year, YEAH!!!

Praying you shake this cold quickly.

Barb and Steve said...

Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I am feeling better today :-)