Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Gift & Monday Afternoon at the Farm

Doll Beret & Scarf sets
Noelle & Addie with their American Girl Dolls
This is the gift I couldn't show a picture of last week because my great-nieces hadn't seen it yet. So glad they liked them! I got the idea off of a blog I love to read called Resweater.  She has such good ideas. It's funny because I have been reading her blog since I started collecting wool for projects and she and my niece sat by each other at a local craft show this fall. Until then, I didn't realize that we lived so close to each other. One of the next projects I want to make is longies. They are baby or toddler pants made from the sleeves of felted sweaters. Thanks Kris for the ideas!

We finished the day at the farm yesterday by priming the bathroom. I didn't think we would get to it until next weekend so we are ahead of schedule. Now I need to get the low VOC paint so we can finish that this coming weekend.
Next week the medicine cabinet & mirror
Not too happy to be away from the farm again, but we will be back there in a few days. Have a lot to do at home so maybe it will go by fast. :-)

Mia in her favorite spot


Resweater said...

I love them! Thanks for the mention too :)

Anonymous said...

The baret and scarf sets arre so cute!! Bet they were thrilled to have them for their dolls! The bathroom is coming along so well!! Won't be long!! ...debbie

Edain said...

Great gift ideas for little girls! :)

The place is starting to look lovely, please do keep posting photo's. Love them.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. :)

Nancy said...

Oh, how cute are those! (The gifts, the dolls and the girls!)

What a super idea.

Your bathroom looks awesome. And Mia reminds me of my Maggie -- only she gets under the stove for maximum warming. :)

Roundabout said...

The bathroom is looking great! And the girls say "thanks" again for the super cute hats & scarfs! They have the most stylish dolls around :)