Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This weekend we hung around the farm except for a trip into town to get more nails & wood for trimming out the garage door frames. It rained a little Friday night, so while waiting for the grass to dry so I could mow, I cleaned the attic space & found a few boxes of fall/winter clothes that we will need soon. I also looked through the wool I had felted to make more dryer balls. Later on while Steve worked on the framing, I dug another 5 gallon bucket full of potatoes.

Both the openings are framed out now & ready for the doors. The old metal sliding doors will be removed & used for something. Maybe part of a new chicken coop or an alpaca enclosure. We should get the doors in a couple weeks. So excited! 
Saturday morning we awoke to a different view. We slept in the new bedroom! It was great to look around & imagine living on that side of the barn. We have a northern and western view from the new bedroom so the sun didn't wake us up as early as we are used to like the eastern view of the cabin room bed. Haven't decided if will miss that or not.
Steve did more drawings on Friday night of the kitchen cabinets. We (especially me) would like to get the "L" shaped counter done this winter so we can have a sink to wash dishes (instead of going to the utility sink in the basement) & a real stove (instead of the camp stove) to cook on. I will be so thrilled to have both of them. Not that I don't like what we have now and not that I won't miss "the old days" of roughing it a bit. It will be a luxury, though.  
This coming weekend we are going to the county fair with Amy & Rob. Neighbors Jim & Nancy have entered a huge pumpkin and some crocheted place mats. We are hoping to see a draft horse competition on Saturday if it doesn't rain. There is also a dog obedience contest on Sunday that is fun to see. And of course eating a bunch of junk food is fun too :-)
On a different subject...my mom is in the hospital with congestive heart failure. Hoping she gets out soon and can live comfortably where she resides at the assisted living facility. She had a strep infection in her blood which she was hospitalized for last month & now this. Her memory has been affected maybe by the lack of oxygen to the brain (?). Get better soon Mom!
Hope you are all having the great fall weather that we are & are enjoying every minute of it while it lasts :-)


SkippyMom said...

I can't remember? Didn't we have this conversation? :D And no I am not making light of your Mom's condition as you know I have CHF too - it is scary, but hopefully with medication, diet and the aides in the facility she will be well enough to enjoy many years to come. [I find if I dont' joke about it I can get plenty scared myself.]
Please give her my best and tell her I am rooting for her. :D

Barb and Steve said...

Humour is a great way to deal with it :-)...thanks for the kind thoughts.

Stone Cottage Mama said...

So sorry to hear about your mom. Great advice from SkippyMom.

Would love a pic of the view from your new bedroom. Love that feeling!

Nancy said...

We had a few months of "roughing it" before our farmhouse was complete. Actually, I treasure those days. So much fun. But I do enjoy an indoor toilet. As far as your mom's COPD, my mom has it too, but with meds, she lives comfortably at 81. Can't wait to see the new doors. :)

angie said...

Hope your mom feels better!

We lived for 5 years in our part-time place with no running water. We had a composting toilet and fetched water in buckets from our neighbor's outdoor spigot. It was fun but now I'm happy to have running water for washing dishes and for the big ol' cast iron bathtub.

Barb and Steve said...

That's how we started out too Angie! Sawdust toilet & water from the spigot outside.
I'll try to remember to get some pics of the view from the new bedroom posted.