Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I got a better nights sleep last night so I'm not dragging around as much today :-). I promised in my last post to put up some pics of our Labor Day weekend with Kristin, Tim & Jaelyn.
Dakota wanted to snuggle up to Jaelyn. Very curious about her.

Before my daughter & family got to the farm, we set up the queen-size bed in our new, unfinished bedroom area. I finished 2 curtains & started on a third so it made a "nap-friendly" area for Jaelyn. I didn't get a pic before they came, so here is one after we stripped the bed when they left.

We are starting to be able to picture how it will all come together now.

This is the curtains I made from 2 full-size bedsheets. No sewing needed, just open up the side hems at the top & stick a rod through. I used a bamboo pole we had laying around. These all are temporary curtains until I make insulated shades when we live there. We turned on the radiant floor heat & it was nice & toasty for them.

Jaelyn had fun in the new bedroom before going outside to see the horses.

Saturday night we went to the Driftless Cafe in town and had an early night. Sunday we woke up, had a big breakfast & started on the siding. Later we cooked out brats & hot dogs (veggie versions for Steve & I). The co-op in town had a 15th anniversary party so we headed there around 5:30. It was unbelievable how many people were there!
This is part of the line to get in. It's almost a block long. We decided not to wait in line for food so when we got back we heated up the left over pizza from the night before. Tim played with Jaelyn before it was time to put her to bed.
She is starting to anticipate when the "tickles" are coming.
After a beautiful sunset, we headed down the hill to have a campfire. It was partly cloudy with no moon so we could still see quite a few stars. It's a nice, relaxing way to end the evening.
Jaelyn got to pet Mia. Mia was surprisingly calm.

Steve, getting in some Grandpa time.

Monday morning it was time for them to head back home so we harvested some fresh veggies to take with. Kristin is making all Jaelyn's food and we love being able to provide organic produce right out of the garden. They took home, zucchini, winter squash (pumkin & butternut), pototoes and carrots. I was hoping to give them some apples but they all blew off the trees the other night.
It was nice to have family time up at the farm again. Next time they come up Jaelyn will be walking & we hope to have the house put together a little more.
In a couple weeks, Amy & Rob will be coming up to see us for the Vernon County Fair. We are looking forward to that.


Anonymous said...

Time sure does speed by! Holy Cow, Jaelyn is getting so big!!Must have had a great fun working weekend!Love your curtains. When Bob and I were first married and broke, our curtains were make of the old cotton blankets the Hospital where I worked were throwing away to get new. They make great drapes! lol...debbie

Roundabout said...

Jaelyn is soooo cute! & The barn looks great!

angie said...

Hi Barb,

The place is looking great!