Thursday, July 8, 2010

So Much Rain at the Farm

We are back from Minnesota. We spent Saturday & Sunday at the farm, leaving Monday morning. It started raining Sunday afternoon. I mean it just poured! It was getting darker & darker so I looked out the west facing window & I wasn't able to see the neighbors farm. A sheet of gray rain coming at us. It didn't stop raining until Monday morning. In the weeks before that we had several inches of rain too. We had to have more gravel brought in for the driveway. In a hard rain, the water rushes down the hill & cuts gullies through the driveway. We have to work on the channels for drainage soon. On the way to Minnesota we stopped at the farm overnight. I noticed the computer wasn't working but it is old & I thought it finally just quit. When we were there this weekend, I tried turning on the printer/fax machine & it was dead too. When trying to hook up the laptop I couldn't get connected so I checked the phone & it was dead too. Our neighbor Jim came over & he said that there was a lot of lightening & one was really close. Maybe that is the problem. There is also a sensor on the solar hot water tank that is flashing an error code. I hope that is not something serious. We are having that looked at today. So next time I am up there during the week, I will have to have the phone company come out top fix the problem & will also have them hook us up for wireless. Then I can just bring the laptop with me. I have another printer I can use, it just doesn't fax. I do work for the shop when I am there during the week, so I will have to go to town to fax if necessary.
                                                    Steve loading up the bikes in the rain.

The garden is doing great & is almost all the way weeded. The Amish neighbors have been trying to keep up with it between the raindrops. There are a few things that just didn't grow because of the weeds, but there is still alot coming up. We picked blueberries, raspberries, Nanking cherries, radishes and lettuce last weekend. There'll  be a lot more blueberries  & raspberries to pick this weekend. I am freezing the cherries for later use in jelly.  The garlic is also ready to harvest so I am hoping it will be a rain-free weekend. Don't know how I am going to get everything done in two days but I'll try my best.
Work has been so busy this spring that we feel like we are ignoring the farm. Steve is stressed out about getting jobs done on time. He relaxed on vacation, actually more than he wanted to since he hurt his back the day we got there. (More on that in my Minnesota post later).

                                                             Daddy Tim with Jaelyn
Mommy Kristin with Jaelyn

                                                     Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Lightning can make lots of problems. I always get it through my telephone when it is close here. If I have remembered to unplug the phone, the flash flies out more than a yeard almost in to the wall on the other side of my hall way. My old computor died that way. So now I have a lap top with wireless internet connection. So much better!

I was thinking of buying seeds from the Nanking cherry, does it taste great fresh too or works it best as jelly?

Have a great day now!

♥ Pacy said...

Jaelyn is getting so big. I just love her big beautiful eyes.
Hope Steve's back is better

Barb and Steve said...

Hi Christer...they taste great fresh too. We ate a lot on vacation & I have so many left over. I would be glad to send you some seeds.

angie said...

Hi Barb,

Welcome back! Do you have gooseberries at the farm? If you know of a source (Mark?), please let me know.

Nanking cherry - I'm not familiar with that one..

Dang - that granddaughter of yours is CUTE!